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How to Calculate Square Footage of a Room

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No matter how much thought you put into your home’s interior decor, after a while, it all starts looking too familiar and somehow boring.

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It is important to change some of your home’s interior elements from time to time in order to freshen up the overall look of your home. Painting your walls is the most simple and most efficient way of giving your home a new look.

Furthermore, the painting procedure is very easy. Nevertheless, in order for the final result to be perfect, you must plan everything carefully. The main mistake that most people do when repainting their walls is estimating the necessary amount of paint.

Estimations can cause waste or an imperfect paint job. In order to avoid these unnecessary problems, it is important to learn how to calculate square footage of a room.

1. Clear the room

If you’re wondering how do you calculate square footage in a room full of objects, the first step is clearing the room of all furniture; this is essential in order to manage to paint the walls without ruining the furniture.

Furthermore, an empty room will be easier to measure as you won’t have any obstructions. You don’t have to move all the furniture, but you will have an easier time measuring the room and painting it if you move the furniture towards the middle of the room.

You will also have to cover the furniture with plastic foil in order to protect it from the paint.

2. Divide the space

In order to make the measuring part easier, we advise you to make a sketch of the room and divide the space that you plan on painting. It is best if you measure each wall individually, especially if your room is not symmetric.

When it comes to the walls featuring doors and windows, consider those walls flat. It is always better to have a little more paint than it is actually needed. If you plan on painting the ceiling as well, measure it separately.

3. Figure square footage

Once you have made a sketch of the room and divided it into several parts, you must proceed to learning how to calculate square footage of a room. This process is actually a lot simpler than it sounds.


All you have to do is measure the length and height of each wall and then multiply those two numbers. Repeat this procedure for each wall and then add the results together in order to obtain the overall square footage.

If you plan on painting the ceiling with the same color as the walls, include the ceiling’s figure square footage into the overall result. This formula should be used when dealing with rectangle areas.

4. Shapes and areas

If your room has unusual wall shapes, you will have to do some more complex calculations. For example, in order to calculate the area of a triangle, you will use the following formula: A = 1/2 * B * H (B being the base of the triangle and H being the height).

If you want to calculate the area of a circle, you will need the following formula: A = π * r^2 (multiply the value of pi with the squared value of the radius).

If you plan on measuring the area of a semicircle, you will need this formula: A = 1/2 * (π * r^2). These simple mathematical formulas are all you need in order to learn how to calculate square footage of a room.

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