Housing Help for Single Parents

single parent

Being a single parent poses some problems that many dual parent households don’t face. One of these is securing proper housing for you and your kids.

When you have two parents and two incomes it is much easier to be able to buy a home or to afford a decent apartment.

This is much more difficult for the single parent. Below are some places you may look for help in you are a single parent and are having a difficult time finding good housing.

Your Local Housing Authority

This would be the first place I would look. Your own state is where you are most likely to find help. Local housing authorities are just local administrative agencies that support and administer the housing programs administered by the federal program set down by Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

If you live in a larger city they usually have their own housing authority, but if you live in a smaller place look for your county housing authority.

These housing authorities supply low-income housing in the form of rental assistance or rental housing to those who are disabled, the elderly and those with low incomes.

Housing and Urban Development

This federal agency helps low income individuals and single moms find affordable housing. There are counselors at HUD who will help you go over your situation and determine what steps you should be taking to better your situation.

They may give you advice on such things as renting a house or an apartment, buying a house, credit issues and defaulting on a mortgage. This advice is free and they offer additional advice on foreclosure counseling and homelessness. You should contact HUD if you are in need of their resources.

Family Unification Program

The purpose of this program is to make it so families can stay together when they can’t afford a house or when they are facing losing their house.

The main idea behind this program is that family is most important and should be kept together at all cost. They give the mother a grant so she can afford a house; the great part is that she has never have to pay the grant back once she works to afford keeping the home on her own.


Individual Development Account

An individual development account is when you have a matched savings account. Every time you put money in a savings account you will have it matched.

The idea behind this type of an account is to help single moms save up until they can afford house. By matching each amount she puts in, this serves as an incentive to help her save quicker.

These type of accounts are usually held by someone locally. If you are interested in one of these you should contact your local IDA.

American Dream Down-Payment Initiative

This is another government program aimed at helping low-income families. Through this program you can get up to $10,000 toward fees and closing costs, if you can prove that you are able to meet the monthly payment obligations.

The funds you are given through the program should you qualify can be used a down payment and closing costs. Requirements for this assistance:

Habitat for Humanity

If you meet the eligibility requirements you may be able to buy a house from Habitat for Humanity. In order to become eligible you must meet the following three criteria:

  • Must be of low enough income
  • Must be willing to pay back the interest-free loan that they provide you to build the house
  • Must partner with Habitat for Humanity to build your house and the houses of others

Catholic Charities of USA

This is not funded by the government. They aim at keeping families together by finding them low cost housing.  While their primary goal is housing they also provide other financial help and it is not just for single moms.

This organization works with the federal government as well as Serenity House and Village Guadalupe.

St. Vincent de Paul

Just like Catholic Charities this is non-governmental and it helps single moms with a bunch of different financial needs.

When it comes to housing, this organization provides emergency housing for those who are victims of domestic violence and other circumstances. They also offer loans and grants to working parents who are not making quite enough to pay such things as rent deposits or closing costs on a house.

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