Household Uses for Baking Soda

Baking soda

Baking soda, or bicarbonate of soda is a very common ingredient in many baking recipes.  But did you know that there are hundreds of other things that you can use it for.

Using this as a cleaner and freshener in your home can save you the tons of money you spend on all those special cleaners and air fresheners.  I have listed some of these below.

Floor scuff and stain remover

Know all those scuff marks that shoes leave on that beautiful kitchen floor? Ever have a problem getting them off?  Mix water with baking soda until it becomes paste like, then apply the paste to a mop and clean off the scuff marks.

Mattress Freshener

After you take the sheets off to launder, sprinkle a thin layer of baking soda on top of the mattress.  Let set for a couple of hours and vacuum up before you replace the sheets.

Oven Cleaner

Wet down your oven with water using a spray bottle, then cover it with a  mixture of a cup of baking soda and 1/3 cup of salt. Spray again with water, let sit overnight and then wipe clean in the morning.

Fishy Smell

If your dishes smell of onion or fish put a teaspoon of the baking soda in your dishwater and this is sure to remove it.

Slippery Sidewalks

If your sidewalks have ice or are slippery from the snow apply a good amount of baking soda on it and it will make it less slippery. The best part about using this on your sidewalks instead of salt is that it is a lot better for them.

Smelly Dishwasher

Make sure the bottom of the dishwasher is still wet and place a couple of layers of baking soda on the bottom of it and let set overnight.

The next day take the pasty mixture and using it scrub the walls and bottom using a wet rag or soft brush (I use an old toothbrush). Remove as much of the paste as you can with a wet rag and then run the dishwasher through a full cycle while empty.

Crayon on Walls

Make a paste, again using baking soda and water, and with a rag gently scrub the wall with the paste. Wipe with clean cloth after scrubbing off the crayon.


Musty Books

Have the kids gotten the books wet and they got a little mildew on them? Sprinkle baking soda on them and give them a chance to dry out in the air.

Once the pages have dried brush off the bicarb. If there is mildew gently scrub the places where it is with the bicarb and set out in the sun to bleach it out.

Hard Water and Dingy Laundry

If you have hard water and it makes your clothes look dingy you can add a half cup of the baking soda and it will soften the water so your clothes will perk up. Start with a half cup and if you need to add a quarter of a cup more at time until it does the job.

Itch Relief for Poison Ivy

Add baking soda generously to a hot bath and soak in it to relieve the itch of poison ivy.

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