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Hot Tub Sanitation: Keeping Your Hot Tub Clean

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Having a hot tub in your home can be a great investment! Hot tubs are relaxing and fun for the whole family, but they’re not always easy to keep clean.

It’s important to sanitize your hot tub safely and properly to keep everything running as it should be.

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Failing to maintain your hot tub properly can lead to damage to the hot tub or even the growth of dangerous bacteria! Here is a guide to choosing the right hot tub sanitation solution!

What is Hot Tub Sanitizer?

If you’re new to owning a hot tub, you might not be familiar with hot tub sanitizer and why it’s important. Basically, a hot tub sanitizer kills all the bacteria in your hot tub.

It also purifies the water to keep any bad bacteria from growing or damaging your hot tub system. Choosing the right sanitizer is key to maintaining your hot tub so you can keep using it for years and years!

There are a lot of common sanitizers to choose from, and one of the hardest decisions is knowing which one is right for your needs. It’s important to research your particular hot tub to learn the best sanitizing option to avoid any unwanted damages or unhealthy growth.

Popular Sanitizing Options for Your Hot Tub

Here are the most common sanitizing options for cleaning hot tubs. As always, do your research to ensure your chosen sanitization method is safe for your particular hot tub.


By far the most commonly used sanitizer for pools is chlorine. You might naturally assume this is the best choice for hot tubs as well, but that’s actually not the case.

Because it doesn’t come in a tablet, chlorine dissolves too quickly and it doesn’t work well on its own in most hot tubs. When it’s used in hot tubs, it basically shocks the water system and will create an imbalance.

You don’t want that! If you do choose to use chlorine in your hot tub, you’ll need to use mineral sanitizers with it to help kill all dead organic matter and keep the water clear.

While chlorine can be a powerful sanitizer when used properly, it brings a strong smell that might not be relaxing in a hot tub! Luckily, it isn’t your only option for sanitizing your hot tub.


While chlorine is the most common cleaner for pools, bromine is the most common sanitizer for hot tubs. Unlike chlorine, bromine does come in tablet form which allows it to be dissolved at just the right rate! The tablets aren’t inserted directly into the water.

Rather, they’re put into a floating feeder which allows the sanitation to be fed into the water evenly and continuously over a period of time.

While bromine is an effective cleanser for hot tubs, it can be harsh on the skin. Some people are known to be sensitive to bromine, and this might lead to a rash or irritated skin.

Like chlorine, bromine also carries a strong smell which might not be very relaxing if you have a strong reaction to it! It’s also important to note that using bromine might lead to bleaching of the underside of your spa cover.

The strength of this chemical has even been known to damage your hot tub or your swimsuit!

Safe Alternative

Because chemicals like chlorine and bromine are harsh on your hot tub and your skin, you might want to consider an alternative cleaning agent.

Luckily, there are a lot of great mineral sanitizers which use alternative cleaning agents to keep their hot tub clean and performing at its best level!

One such safe alternative is iONRx which is known to be free of irritants for both the skin, pets, plants, and even your hot tub!

Safe Hot Tub Cleaning

While it’s important to keep your hot tub clean, it’s also important to use safe, natural ingredients when sanitizing your hot tub. Natural cleaning solutions are becoming a popular choice as people want something that isn’t so harsh on their skin or their hot tub system.

Overall, it’s important to choose the right solution for keeping your hot tub clean if you want it to last a long time!

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