Healthy Water in Your Family Home

water supply

There is nothing more important for a healthy lifestyle than good water. Even though more than 90% of Earth is covered with water, only a small percentage of it is drinkable and safe for human intake. And in many homes, water is not of good quality.

Water is essential for the development and health of people, animals and every being on Earth and there is no life without it, so it would be best if you considered some of the following options to make sure you provide your family with the best of the best.

Water filters

Some people choose drinking bottled water, but even then, experts say that you cannot be completely sure the water is indeed healthy for you and your children, especially if you notice odd taste or even smell.

This happens mostly because chlorine is added to raw water, which gives it bad taste, even though it is intended to clean it from different kinds of bacteria and pollutants.

Installing water filters will clean water from organic compounds, pesticides, rust, odour, fluoride, bacteria and heavy metals. This solution has become a trend recently, but it desalinating filters have existed for decades and now are making a grand entrance on the market.

Water delivery

Water delivery is not only made to be delivered to big companies or offices. It can be useful in your home as well. Thus you may consider purchasing a water machine, and have water delivered to your home. The deliverers will not mind it, so long as they have their share on the market.

If you think this may cost a bit more than you planned, remember that health and the life of you and your family, and especially your children, should be at the first place, and without a price tag.

And it will pay off eventually, when you reach a certain age you will be grateful for your investment so many years earlier. Also, make sure to properly clean it to stop bacterial growth.

Improve the plumbing system

In order to improve the quality of tap water in your house, consider installing water filters not only in the kitchen, but in all the taps you usually use in the bathroom and in the garden.

This includes the shower as well, because you certainly do not want to bathe with dirty water full of salts and other pollutants and come into danger of catching a disease or get an infection.


We asked plumbers from Marrickville about regular plumbing checkups, how often should we check if water in our area is safe to use and if plumbing is indeed alright.

The answer was once in six to nine months, especially because new technologies and filters are emerging, and your plumbers can recommend you only the best for your home.

‘Be water, my friend’

Daily intake of water must not be forgotten, especially if you have kids in development. Your body will ask for it whether your wanted it or not. And when those cravings happen, you will have to respond appropriately, or else your body and health will suffer.

So you should surround yourself with water, and make sure that those eight glasses of water per day must be clean in order for them to really work for you.

And even when you are making coffee or tea, even though boiled, that water should be drinkable too, because otherwise bad water can ruin their taste.

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