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Healthy Habits That Will Help You in Your Old Age

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It can be difficult to think about old age while still in your youth, but the habits that are formed in early adulthood will ultimately determine longevity and overall well-being.

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Although it’s important to maintain a healthy diet and stay active, there are several other habits to develop that will help with aging. Between flossing each day to reducing your sugar intake, there are a few ways to improve your health and feel great over time.

Stretch Daily

With age, it can be difficult to remain flexible due to sore joints or muscles. It’s important to stretch daily after waking up in the morning, which will improve circulation and make it easy to stay active. Stretching will also prevent tension in the muscles, which can reduce the risk of an injury.


Flossing is most recommended to maintain periodontal health, but the habit can also reduce the risk of certain diseases that are related to the heart. Research has proven that any bacteria that is not removed in the gums can lead to systemic diseases that affect the organs. This can cause heart disease, dementia, and even diabetes to develop, making it an important habit to form at least once a day.

Reduce Sugar Intake

Sugar is a common ingredient in most food products, as it can be found in everything from chips to protein bars. It’s important to reduce your intake each day, as high levels of sugar can lead to damage to the heart, belly fat, leptin resistance, and toxic effects on the liver. Limit your daily sugar intake to just 10 percent of your diet, which is recommended by the World Health Organization.

Sleep More

Studies have shown that increasing your amount of sleep at night can lead to improved health, lower risk of injury, and lead to less chronic pain, making it an important habit to begin immediately. Sleeping also promotes a boost in memory and a longer lifespan for those who get more than six hours of sleep each night.

Remain Active

Stay active through walking, pilates, and even light jogging to maintain a healthy weight and strengthen the body. Remaining active is important here at retirement communities like sunshineretirementliving.com with wellness programs and weekly activities available on-site.

Developing healthy habits may seem unnecessary in the early years of life, but the subtle changes can work to maintain a healthy heart and mind. With simple habits that are easy to incorporate into your lifestyle, it will make for an easier transition with aging that doesn’t have to involve aches, pains, or long-term memory loss.

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