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Healthier New Year Party Alternatives

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Almost everyone I know gets tempted to throw a party to mark the end of the year in style, but just maybe you’ve had enough of alcohol during the festivities and would want to give your liver a break.

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In this article, we have put together some healthier new year party alternatives. Read further and let us know what you think.

1. Host A Pampering Party

To help you start your year on a good note, you can try hosting something different from the regular kind of party.

Rather than the usual drinks and buffet everyone will be having, bring all your close friends and family members together for a session of pampering.

All you need is to hire a mobile beautician or massage therapist to offer you and your guests the best treatments available, or simply stock up on manicure kits and face masks for a bit of home pampering.

There will be a need for refreshments, so you have to provide healthy snacks like vegetable crudités and dips and add healthy mocktails and smoothies.

2. Watch The Sunrise

Second, on our list of healthier new year party alternatives, is watching the sunrise into the new year.

If you are not a fan of starting the New Year at a party or cooped up indoors, get your best friend, a family member, or even your partner and rush out for an excellent early morning walk to view the sunrise.

One of the best things about it is that it offers you some much needed early morning exercise, but beginning a New Year by watching the sunrise with that special person is much more inspiring and refreshing for a new beginning than getting up in the middle of the day with a hangover!

3. Go Skiing

Are you looking to get away from all the loud music, stay fit, and have an amazing New Year’s Eve? Then one of the ways you can enjoy the day is by heading to a ski resort.


Many ski resorts host New Year’s Eve parties complete with a lovely buffet dinner and amazing fireworks to make sure that your night is one to remember.

Additionally, skiing is a fantastic activity for getting in shape, and burning calories, which means that you can attack the buffet later without feeling any form of guilt.

4. Make Some Healthy Cocktails

If you are one of those who want a healthy new year celebration but can’t resist the urge to grab a beer or a glass of wine, you can still enjoy it in the healthiest way possible by drinking moderately or making your own healthy cocktails using juices and fresh fruits.

Not only will you get some nutrients and antioxidants from making your own fruit cocktails even though you’ll include some alcohol, but the process of creating your drinks (rather than ordering at the bar) will help to drink less.

5. Go Dancing

Many of us enjoy dancing, and the good thing about dancing your way into the new year is that it is not only a way to express your happiness about seeing the new year, but it’s a healthy way to start the next 365 days of your life.

If you’re not a fan of going to the club or bar for a dance, then you can try out other alternatives. Especially if you’re a lady who doesn’t want to hit the roads at night for safety reasons, our options will be just right for you.

For a more relaxed night, bring your friends together at your place for a good dance session on your Xbox. You can also buy tickets to a New Year’s ball or just host a party at your place.

If you’re not good at mixing music, simply tune to a music-only Chanel or use any of the streaming services that allow you to enjoy great music without interruption. You can even turn the night into a dancing contest.

6. Play Some Family Board Games

Findings from a study published in the journal Plos Medicine has suggested that maintaining strong ties to friends and family can help you live happier and longer.

So why not make conscious moves to boost your health from New Year’s Eve into the New year with a bit of family bonding?


OK, let us agree that board games may be a somewhat cheesy idea, but I also know they can also be so much fun and a perfect way to get every member of the family involved.

Try not to take things to far by getting too competitive, though – it won’t be cool not to have everyone still on speaking terms by the time the clock strikes midnight!

7. Go For A Midnight Run

Those of you who like to run, and those who have resolved to live healthier this year, why not begin the year by indulging in this heart-friendly activity.

In many parts of the world, like in New York, you can decide to join the annual midnight run through Central Park or other locations. Alternatively, you could get loved ones together for your own private midnight run through your town.

That should be so much fun if you manage to pull it through. If you can’t do some running, you can simply take a very long walk through town and enjoy the sights and sounds of your city at midnight.

Make sure to find a streetlight or somewhere with a romantic vibe where you can stand and kiss your lover into the new year.

8. Movies And Popcorn

Let’s assume you find most of the ideas we have shared a little bit difficult; this one should be easy since it is something most of us do effortlessly.

We know we said this list was for healthy new-year eve party alternatives, but don’t be quick to assume that seeing a movie isn’t a healthy activity for new year’s eve.

It depends on what you choose to watch; you just might burn some weight, or just have a good time watching TV.

We suggest you go for a rib-cracking comedy and remember to pack some popcorn and healthy drink to make it a perfect movie-watching session.


We hope that you found these healthier new year party alternatives helpful. Leave a comment below and let’s know what you think.

Emmanuella Ekokotu
Ekokotu Emmanuella is a sociologist and Anthropologist, writer, and fashion model who lives in Benin city, Edo state,Nigeria.

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