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Pros and Cons of a Glass Shower Doors

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Glass shower doors have been used to renovate modern bathrooms for a while now. These doors possess beautiful glass materials such as clear glass, aluminium, tempered glass, and composite materials.

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You can get glass shower doors in a variety of hardware finishes and glass patterns for the renovation of your bathroom.

Most homeowners were already fed up with the outdated and mouldy shower bathtub or curtains weber for the emergence of glass shower doors. Which means the need for an upgrade has long been in existence.

The introduction of glass shower doors for a bathroom renovation

Glass Shower Doors

As you already know its shower is that place in your house where you have your bath with water sprays of cold or hot. Before the creation of modern showers what people used was referred to as stall showers.

Any given birth area that had curtains or standard doors to contain water spray was called a stall shower. This is not to say that store showers were not useful as a matter of fact they usually had enough space for showering, but they still are nothing compared to the glass shower patterns of the modern day.

Glass shower doors were invented in the 20th century. Safety glass was created in 1903 and after that scientist succeeded in making some additional formulas between 1900 and 1910.

The production of shower stores that were transparent was successful in 1963 and after that tempered glass was introduced.

For a lot of reasons humans are beautiful creatures, and that explains why most of them began to purchase glass showers at the time. The glass showers could easily slide and swing, and they were also long-lasting because they were made of tempered glass.

In 1970 there was the introduction of a nutrient known as a frameless door. This frameless doors with glass doors that had no rubber or metal. These doors were transparent and easily cleaned with a smooth glass surface that was very attractive


Bathroom renovation with fixed glass shower

Any glass shower bill that has been fixed or installed in your bathroom is a fixed glass shower door. They are transparent and have an eye-catching look not to mention their long-lasting quality.

One reason why a lot of people would instead go for a glass shower door is that it doesn’t smell on like when you use shower curtains or bathtubs that can become a breeding ground for water storage and also retain smell after some time.

Types of fixed glass shower doors

Once in every homeowner wishes for a start, their bathroom is a place that is not only appealing but relaxing. Glass shower doors are made in a variety of styles and sizes that would fit perfectly in your home.

Once you have made up your mind to renovate your bathroom the first thing that must be considered is the style of your door primarily because it is day focus of beauty.

It is imperative that you go for an entry that matches the current design of your bathroom unless you are redesigning the entire bathroom.

below are the different types of glass shower doors that you can purchase;

  • Sliding glass shower doors
  • Frameless glass shower doors
  • Semi-frameless glass shower doors

Frameless glass shower doors

If you want your bathroom to look beautiful yet straightforward, then a frameless glass shower door is what you need. If your bathroom has been recently updated then a frameless glass shower door would look perfect.

With a fixed frameless glass shower door your bathroom will not only look beautiful it would look clean at all times. One primary advantage that a frameless glass shower door can be easily installed and they also come in wonderful designs.

Semi frameless glass shower doors

Unlike a frameless glass shower door, semi-frameless glass shower doors come with a big glass panel that is surrounded by a narrow frame.

There are also some semi-frameless glass shower doors that are designed without a frame around the glass panel, but they come with a structure around its units.


However, film frames may be considered when you are planning your bathroom because if you go for seeker frames, your design options will be limited.

Sliding glass shower doors

Unlike the other two types of shower doors is sliding glass shower door has just one unit and that is why it does not require specific room dimensions for fixing.

Because of how these glass shower doors created a lot of homeowners prefer to purchase it when they are updating their bathroom.

Your room can have a unique and well-defined look if your sliding glass door is well customised. However, a homeowner will be required to build walls or purchase a panel to complete their design when they’re going for a sliding glass shower door.

As with a lot of other things our bathrooms wear out and require renovation over some time. But with the changes we will be making there will be pros and cons.

This is why a lot of homeowners do their research to find out what options has more advantages than disadvantages before they go ahead with updating their bathrooms.

What are the pros of fixed glass shower doors?

The first advantage of going for a fixed glass shower door is that. Bathroom updates.com up a lot of times because there are so many glass productions and designing companies out there.

When an update comes up, homeowners would want to move with the trend. So because your fixed glass shower doors come in a simple style, you can easily create an update whenever you want without.

Another prayer of going for a fixed glass shower door is that you can get a customised glass shower door size for your bathroom. You can easily get a customised glass shower door because manufacturers always anticipate the need for a bathroom update in the nearest future. What this means is that you can go for an adjustable glass shower door.

Another advantage of using a fixed glass shower door is that it is very easy to maintain. With the introduction of new bathroom updates, homeowners will not think twice about making their bathrooms look beautiful and modern especially because they are aware that maintenance will not be a problem.


It is true that maintaining some fixed glass shower doors can be a little bit difficult, but they are nothing compared to when you use a bathtub or shower curtain.

lack of metal framing is another advantage of a glass shower door especially in cases of bathroom updates. Finally, design and transparency is another reason why you should go for a fixed glass shower door because it makes your home more spacious and beautiful.

Cons of fixed glass shower doors in case of future bathroom updates

As you have listed the advantages of using a fixed glass shower door above we will not deny that it also comes with quite some disadvantages.

Spontaneous breakage is one of the reasons why people might not want to go for a solid glass bathroom door.

Exposure to heat is one of the reasons why your fixed bathroom glass door can break spontaneously but apart from that whenever you have to make an update in your bathroom that requires carrying of old items and replacing them with new ones a minor hit on the glass could lead to breakage.

You also have to consider lighting and walls when updating your bathroom. The reason for this is that fixing your glass door would require you to break your walls and during the process, you might damage some pipes or other things.

You need to consider your lighting when fixing a glass shower door sometimes you may find out that getting the kind of lights that match your new design would require you to spend more than the amount you had already budgeted.

Finally upgrading your bathroom can be very expensive which means if you’re considering switching to a fixed glass shower door, you should bear in mind that for some time you would not be doing any other form of upgrades if you know you can’t afford it.

A lot of people would consider neglecting their bathroom instead of doing an update because it is a lot cheaper than letting go of such a massive amount of money just to change your bathroom design.

Signs that you need to update your glass shower doors

People do not just wake up one morning and decide to change their glass shower doors; some factors are responsible for this decision.


Signs of crack: the beauty of your glass shower door is the glass but as soon as you begin to notice signs of cracks the beauty automatically disappears and all that you see is a risk of harm. That is enough reason for you to consider and updates as soon as possible.

Leakages on the floor after a bath: if after taking a shower you discover there are leakages on the floor it means that your gaskets and seals which are responsible for taking out water have been damaged therefore you would need a bathroom update.

Glass doors begin to stick: another reason why you would be needing to update your bathroom is when you notice that your glass door starts sticking even after continuous cleaning.

Don’t make a noise when you try to close it: you may begin to notice your bathroom door making some noise when you attempt to close it.these are the kind of noise that you did not notice during the first few months of usage. To get rid of this annoying noise you would have to do a bathroom update.

Signs of rust on your frames: if you notice any signs of rust on your bathroom door frames there is nothing else you can do but to change it. It is very reasonable for this rust to appear because the frames are constantly exposed to water. And also when they get old, they begin to rust.

Glass doors don’t close anymore: when your bathroom door refuses to close or requires you to close it forcefully, then you know a renovation is needed. If this problem is ignored, your bathroom will be exposed to further damage that will cost you a lot of money to fix.

In conclusion, it is terrific to have a fixed glass door in your bathroom however you need to be very careful with usage and continuously look out for damages. Though they are a costly option, if you want aesthetics, then you definitely should invest in them.

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Emmanuella Ekokotu
Ekokotu Emmanuella is a sociologist and Anthropologist, writer, and fashion model who lives in Benin city, Edo state,Nigeria.

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