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Gardening and Outdoor Decor for Halloween

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Halloween decor starts with outdoors and that includes the lawn. However, bear in mind that for a creepy lawn, you need to decorate it in a welcoming manner, mostly if children will be attending.

Halloween decorations

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Garden décor

Most people prefer making the garden look so scary which can frighten young children or even make grown-ups nervous. Other people decorate too much which leads to an unattractive mess. This can be resolved by using a theme.

Halloween ideas for decorating your garden

There are several decorations to pick when it gets to selecting a concept. You only have to consider the kind of people that might be coming to the home or compound.

If little kids will be present, consider picking something which is not too frightening. Some of the themes you can pick include; harvest, pumpkin or a hilarious character. Hilarious characters can be things like;

  • Grinning ghost
  • Goofy witch
  • Hilarious-looking mummy.

In case you prefer going deep into the scariness of Halloween, then you can get a frightening garden using themes such as:

  • Goblins
  • Warty witches
  • Frightening ghosts
  • Vampire bats

There are so many ways of preparing your lawn for Halloween, so use your creativity. Also, it can be more fun if you let the children give you ideas for decorating your garden.

An example of Halloween lawn decoration

When you are interested in things that are not so macabre but are quite jolly, consider implementing a harvest concept. The steps to achieving this are:

  • Create the mood using some small bundles of hay within and outside your garden area, and also at the anterior region.
  • Put corn stalks properly throughout the hay bales and pull everything together using a jolly Indian corn, several pumpkins and beautiful ornamental gourds. Ensure to also put an amiable sculptured Jack-O’-Lantern.

Something else you can do is:

  • Empty out a big pumpkin and change it into a nice-looking vessel for mums.
  • Form a similar welcoming effect using an oddly-shaped pumpkin put on a hay bale or a crate that is turned up.
  • Put a few autumn leaves, dry flowers and decorative gourds throughout that pumpkin.


Additionally, you may include a scarecrow, which is simple to design. And to maintain the harvesting concept, introduce apples besides candy for young children. Use a bushel basket or the same device and put apples inside it and then put this near the scarecrow or on its lap and let the children treat themselves.


You must also include luminaries in your Halloween garden decoration. They can be placed everywhere in the garden and on the pathway or just at any place that you want to draw attention.

Luminaries can be bought at a reasonable price but you can also form your own using hollowed-out gourds.

To make your own luminaries:

  • Chop out the bottom of hollowed-out gourds
  • Carve faces on them
  • Put an item that produces light in them, it can be a candle or a flashlight.

You may also create a wax-lined bag luminary. The steps to follow are:

  • Fold the upper part of a brown paper lunch bag (around two inches).
  • Sketch apples or faces at the anterior section of the bag and then chop them out.
  • Put a small part wax paper on the inside front using stickers or gum.
  • Weight it down using sand and set glow sticks and votive candles in the middle.

Alternatively, the above theme can be achieved by coring out big apples and placing candles inside them.

Other gardening and outdoor decorations for Halloween

Front yard decoration

The main front yard decoration option is the window into the electric decorating tastes and on display for everyone to see with the help of daylight.

You can blend a few tastes of fall into your display for Halloween. This will form a simple transition into the Thanksgiving season.

Teal pumpkins and Halloween tree

You can decorate a Christmas tree for Halloween. This can be achieved by using orange and black ornaments or you can create small jack o’lantern faces using paper honeycomb balls.

If you will be offering children non-food items, put a teal pumpkin at the doorstep. That will show the children who have food allergies that the treats will not harm them.

Shinning eyes hiding in a bush

Such eyes resemble all Scooby Doo episodes that exist. Creating them is simple because you will only need to cut the shape of an eye on a paper towel roll then put a plastic glow stick in it. After that, tuck some eyes in bushes along your front walkway. This will frighten the young children a little.

Tree decoration

If there is a small tree within the lawn, you should hang apples and plastic pumpkins at its branches. Bear in mind that depending on the concept you prefer, it can encompass spiders, dark cats, witches and so forth.


Halloween garden and outdoor decoration need early arrangements. However, to be able to make the best out of your look, having a concept will help a lot. A concept can save you money and time. Besides that, your visitors and anyone passing by will get a welcoming environment which they will appreciate than run away from.

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