Five Essential Gifts for the Cigar Aficionado in Your Life

Gift shopping for the cigar aficionado doesn’t have to be wrapped in stress and confusion. While it can be difficult to pick out just the right gift, there are some things that every cigar lover should have at their disposal in order to best enjoy their hobby.

When selecting a gift for the cigar lover in your life, you should consider what accessories they have and what additions would make their smoking time more pleasant.
Cigar Aficionado


Every cigar lover needs to have a humidor to keep their cigars fresh and tasting good. However, selecting just the right humidor is as personal a decision as selecting the right pair of shoes. With so many different humidors available, from tradition to sleek and ultramodern, there are many choices available to the cigar lover.

From a portable humidor to one that is a part of a room’s décor, a humidor is an essential part of the cigar lover’s hobby. Even if your cigar lover has a humidor, a portable one or a second one may allow them to take their hobby on the road or increase their storage space.

Dominos set

A domino set can make cigar smoking a more social activity by adding the extra level of a game into the mix. Dominos is a relaxing game that allows for conversation during play which goes beautifully with the social nature of enjoying a cigar with friends.

A beautifully carved, unique domino set can also serve as a conversation piece whether being used in a game or sitting on a smoking table. If you are going to purchase a domino set, it is worth the extra money to buy one that is of good quality. Good sets of dominos are small works of art and well worth the extra money you spend.


While many smokers have their favorite brand, flavor, and type of cigars, a sampler will allow the cigar lover in your life to try other flavors and brands without committing to a full box of a single flavor or type. Many cigar shops offer sampler boxes or can guide you in selecting a few different options that the smoker in your life may enjoy.

Even if they don’t end up changing brands, the opportunity to try a new cigar is something most cigar lovers like to do every once in a while. Each cigar is different so each time you try a new one, you have the change of finding something else you enjoy in addition to your regular brands and flavors.

A good cutter and lighter

A cutter and lighter are essential to enjoying a cigar so every cigar lover will have at least one of each. However, a good cutter and lighter can take smoking a cigar to the next level by giving the smoker a sense of elegance when using them.

Smokers become very attached to their lighters and cutters so both would be the perfect gift to give the smoker in your life. Many smokers feel lost without their “special” lighter which makes giving a lighter as a gift a way to give the smoker in your life something special that they will always carry with them. Each time they use their lighter and cutter, they will think of you.



An ashtray is an essential for any smoker. From the coffee can on the back patio to the cut crystal ashtray in the living room, there are many different ashtrays in a smoker’s life. A smoker’s ashtray can be as personal as their lighter and cutter. Finding the perfect ashtray can take a while, but to give something that is very personal and such a part of the ritual of smoking makes the gift much more personal to the smoker. Most smokers have more than one ashtray so there is always room for one more, particularly one that is a gift from a special person.

Cigar smokers have more of a culture of their own as compared to cigarette smokers. Because of the social nature of cigar smoking, gifts for the cigar smoker range in everything from smoking accessories to games to play while smoking. With a little planning and some good advice from a creative cigar shop staff member, you will be able to find the perfect gift to make your cigar smoker’s smoking experience more personal and more fulfilling.

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