Finding The Best Mattress To Suit You


It’s not an easy task to choose which mattress is the best for you as there are many aspects to consider.

It’s worth thinking about what kind of mattress you need, how much you would like to spend and if you’re fussy about what brand you would like.

Companies like 10 Giants offer a large range of beds and mattresses in their best 2019 beds by 10giants range so to help you choose your mattress we will take a look at the differences between the many mattress options that are available to choose from.

The Different Types Of Mattresses

Here is a list of the different types of mattresses that you can choose from:

  1. Memory Foam Mattress

Memory form is a material which alters to a person’s weight and temperature. These mattresses tend to be a more expensive option.

  1. Coil Mattress

A cheaper option for a mattress. These mattresses are made from either a wire which has single springs attached to it or from a wire which is looped.

  1. Hybrid Mattress

These mattresses are made from more than one material. Usually they have a base which is pocket spring and a memory foam top. A hybrid mattress is supportive and they also adapt to your body well.

  1. Pocket Sprung Mattress

A pocket spring mattress is made up of many small springs which all live within fabric pockets. A pocket spring mattress will adapt to each body and prevent movement so that you won’t feel anyone who is sleeping next to you moving about.

  1. Latex Mattress

A latex mattress is an expensive option. These mattresses tend to be durable and breathable.


Choosing The Right Mattress To Suit You

The first thing you need to do before you buy a buy a mattress is to try it. Although you won’t know what a mattress is like to sleep on for a whole night when you’ve had a quick test in a showroom, so it’s worth remembering to take advantage of the many companies that allow you to take a mattress and try it at home with a no quibble return if it doesn’t suit you.

When you do go to a showroom lie on your back on the mattress. Next, take your hand and place it under the small of your back. If you find that the gap between your hand and the mattress is big, then the mattress is probably too hard. Alternatively, if you can get your hand under the small of your back, the mattress may be too soft.

Next, check if the mattress needs turning. A lot of mattresses don’t require turning these days but if the one you likes does, make sure it has handles on the sides of it so it’s easy to turn.

Finally, check the size of the mattress. Like your bed, the mattress that you choose needs to be ten centimetres longer than each person that sleeps on it.

Additionally, make sure that it is wide enough so that two people can put their hands underneath of their heads and their elbows do not touch.

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