Everything You Need to Know About Dogs and Their Feeding Requirements

Dogs have become part of human existence and every family is looking forward to adopting one or more. However, many dog owners are confused on what to feed their dogs and end up asking themselves a million and one questions such as can my puppy feed on person canine meals?

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What is the best food quality for my dog? What can dogs eat to grow healthy? Well, it’s important to ask such questions because as a rule of thumb, you must understand that grownup puppies and dogs have different nutritional needs and feeding your puppy balanced and whole meals will help him grow into a healthy dog.

That being the case, puppies and dogs are fed on different kinds of meals. Even though there is no exact time to start feeding your puppy on doggy food, the best time is when your puppy has reached maturity depending on his breed.

It’s important to understand that as your puppy grows, organs, bones, and teeth develop, and you shouldn’t rush on feeding him doggy food as it might have an adverse effect on him and won’t get important nutrients as he should.

So, what can you feed your puppies?

dog feeding

The Affiliation of American Feed Control Officers (AAFCO) has given a comprehensive review of canine meals. According to them, canine food is pronounced ‘balanced’ if it meets AAFOC’s nutritional profile requirements. Therefore, when shopping for your dog’s food, there are basically two canine meals nutrients profiles to choose from.

The first one is ‘boom and duplicate’ which means that the food is perfect for puppies, pregnant or nursing dogs. The second one is ‘person renovation’ which is designated for adult puppies. Depending on the lifestyle degree of your dog, study the label carefully to ensure that you’re purchasing the right meal for him.

Many dog owners still ask, can I feed my puppy on grownup meals? Well, there are different types of food in the market today and when shopping, you are likely to see others labeled ‘all life degrees.

This means that this kind of food contains all the vitamins needed by your puppy as he grows, and the ones he needs during maturity. In layman’s language, this kind of meal is perfect to feed on both puppies and mature dogs.

On the other hand, dog owners ask, can I feed my adult puppy on puppy food? Well, as stated, some meals are labeled ‘all life degrees’ meaning that it can be fed on adult puppies as well as puppies.

However, dogs have different nutritional requirement from puppies and must be fed on different meals. For instance, puppies require foods high in calories but when the same meal is fed on adult puppies, it might make him gain unnecessary weight.

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Therefore, it’s recommendable to change dog’s meals as soon as he reaches adulthood. As a rule of thumb, eyes can be deceiving, and you should not judge your dog’s maturity by looking at him.

As stated, different breeds mature differently, and you should only change feeding if your dog reaches maturity in accordance to its origin, because some reach maturity at 12 months while others reach at 24 months.

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