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8 Easy Habits to Make Your Life Healthier

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Everyone wants to be healthy – why wouldn’t you? But sometimes, making time for going to the gym and spending hours on meditation can feel like a bit… much.

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So, why not try some super simple habits which you can get into easily, which will make you feel much better about yourself and your life? Here are eight of the best health habits that you should try out as soon as possible.

1. Stairs

While walking up and down the stairs in your home or office may seem like a chore, and might sometimes even leave you out of breath and a little sweaty, it’s actually a great way to fit a mini-workout into your hectic day.

You don’t even need to find a reason to go up and down the stairs, but jumping at the opportunity to change floors during the day and fitting a few journeys up and down throughout your breaks can help you to boost your athleticism in a small and relatively effortless way.

Having that light activity will help you spend calories and keep your body active for longer. Just riding an elevator may be easier and quicker but it doesn’t enhance your chances of staying fit and healthy. This can also do wonders for your blood pressure, cholesterol and overall health.

2. Weigh Yourself Regularly

It might not be at the forefront of your mind all the time, but setting a reminder on your phone to make sure that you weigh yourself and record the measurement at least once a week is a good way to keep your weight from becoming an issue.

If you identify that it’s been spiraling – or plummeting – in the past few weeks, then working on your diet and exercise quickly could stop this becoming a massive problem, leading to a healthier life for you.

Of course, make sure that you are not weighting yourself every day because that is not effective and it could lead you astray from your path.

Weight fluctuates daily because of fluids so you should weight yourself less often, likely once a week or twice a month and make sure that you weight yourself in the morning, before you eat anything.

3. Laugh Or Smile



Although it sounds a little strange, just smiling or laughing at least once everyday could reduce your levels of stress and anxiety by a lot, and even improve your immune system. If you have a stressful life, then this two-second trick can improve it by quite a lot.

You can use some aids to help you with this. Watch a comedy movie or a play for example, spend some time with your funny friend, watch some stand-up comedy, read some jokes or read a book you find funny. The important thing is to take your mind off of things and just relax, let go of stress.

4. Breakfast

Making sure that eating breakfast every morning gets into your routine is vital, since it will contain the energy that you need to be energized throughout the day.

It will also make you happier and less cranky throughout the day, since, if you start it off in a good mood with some good food, then you’ll go through it in the same way.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as you’ve probably heard people say so many times before. So, make sure that you get a nutritional, healthy breakfast and then make a snack for you to bring to work. You can take some fruit, dairy, cereal and so on.

5. Exercise

Your stairs workout might be good for revitalizing your muscles from sitting in a chair all day at work, but when it comes down to it, you need some time for actual exercise in your life, and there is no better way to stay motivated with your exercise than making sure that it is regularly scheduled into your life.

Assign a day, or several days, a week for going to the gym, or always go out for a run at the same time, and exercise won’t feel so draining or dampen your mood.

Of course, if you are not much of an exercise person, you can take a walk with your dog or with a friend, play a sport that you love, go swimming and so on.

There are many different options so if a gym stresses you out and doesn’t seem like a good opportunity for you, like something you will give up quickly, you can choose something completely different. All that matters is that you do have that exercise element in your life.

6. Read Books

Reading can serve as many different things for many different people. For some, it is escapism – it can take you away from the monotony of everyday life and make you happier in other worlds and places, with characters who you can relate to and admire.


For others, it is educational, and every new book brings with it a chance to learn a new skill, or fact, or find a new interest. Whatever the reason, reading is an excellent habit to get into, and putting aside a little time for it every day can make your life much better.

7. Don’t Sleep In

Sleep Better

Contrary to popular belief, sleeping in, although it can feel great, is actually not beneficial to your health, and won’t even make you happier in the long run. Sleep doesn’t work in the way that many people think it does; you can’t ‘catch up’ on sleep and return to your usual energy levels after a week of not sleeping well.

In fact, keeping to a regular sleep schedule will make you feel more rested after sleeping, and stop you feeling so tired all the time.

8. Posture

Just sitting up straight while you’re working or sat at a desk or table for any length of time can drastically improve your posture, which often prevents any aches or pains appearing and can actually reduce stress on your ligaments, making your body much healthier and in better condition.

Also, if you do this often enough, it can become a ‘subconscious habit’, so you’ll have formed the habit so well that your body automatically does it.

Author Bio:

Ashley Brooks works as a specialist in marketing, specifically for start-ups, at Lucky Assignments, and she has been involved in countless projects during her career. Writing and the marketing field are her passions in life, as well as helping clients to grow their brands.

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