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4 Reasons to Hire Help for your Drywall Project

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For most thrifty do it yourselfers, drywall is something you wouldn’t think twice about attempting yourself. The reason being is that it’s a relatively simple concept.

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It’s easy to buy with a straightforward method of installation, and you get the satisfaction of seeing walls go up as a result of your hard work.

Certainly you need to be strong and in good enough shape to lift the bigger pieces, but in general, drywall installation is looked upon as a doable self-project.

While I wouldn’t disagree with the fact that it’s manageable, there are some good reasons to hire someone to do it for you, or at least hire someone to assist you in the project. Your level of expertise and experience will determine whether or not these reasons prompt you to do so.

These are aspects of putting up drywall that we often overlook or don’t think much of when we’re initially starting the project, as is often the case when we end up having to learn the hard way.

Completing the Ceiling

Getting drywall onto the ceiling is a tedious process at best. Even with something to help you prop up the pieces, you’ll generally be dealing with full size sheets, which are difficult to maneuver on your own.

Your own strength and physical condition will have a lot to say about whether or not you’ll be able to do this by yourself, which is something you need to assess before deciding whether or not to hire help.

Texturing the Ceiling

The ceiling just somehow makes everything more difficult. Since painting a ceiling can incredibly tricky, most people opt to go with a spackling or texture, which is done with drywall mud.

If you don’t have experience doing textures, it can take you an incredible amount of time. Since most professional drywallers offer this service along with hanging drywall, they’re able to do it in a matter of a few hours.

Even if you just hire someone for this part of the job, it’ll be worth it considering the time you’ll save yourself.


Mudding and Sanding

Like ceiling textures, if you’ve never done it before there’s a steep learning curve that’s going to take you some time to get the hang of. Besides that, mudding and sanding is something that needs to be done as close to perfect as possible, since imperfections will show up in the paint job.

Hanging the drywall is one thing, but getting the sanding and mud right is another issue entirely. If you aren’t confident about this, consider having a professional come in and do it for you.

Overall Time Commitment

In general the time involved from start to finish for putting up drywall in a room, is a big one. Of course that depends on the size of the room, but even smaller projects can take a significant amount of time when you consider every step required to complete it.

Make sure you take the time to understand fully what each step is and what it entails. Often times the best approach is to do what you can do comfortably on your own, and then hire someone to come in and help you tie up loose ends and do the more difficult and tedious steps.

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Kevin Pearson is an independent home community researcher. She enjoys sharing his.

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