DIY Book Rest

Book Rest

Nowadays, it is very expensive to keep up with the new trends since they are constantly changing. As a result, innovation and novelty are luxury concepts which generally cost us an arm and a leg.

Still, it is possible to keep up with the latest interior decor trends without going completely broke. If you are looking forward to renewing your home, make sure to stick with us and keep on reading as we are about to present you some unique new home design ideas.

Learning how to design your home can be a challenging mission, yet it comes with numerous rewards as it will help you achieve lovely interiors with minimum costs. The internet is full of DIY remodeling idea.

For starters, we will start with a simple yet very interesting project: an DIY invisible book rest. The DIY book rest will definitely get all the eyes in a blink of an eye!

How it works

One of the most important aspects of the DIY book rest regards the fact that it is easy to be placed.

All you need is a stainless rest on which to place the books and some nails to put everything together. Now, make sure to link the back cover of the first book down the book rest.

By this way, you will actually hide the book rest and the books will be linked to your wall, just like being held in the air. This book rest is a sort of invisible shelf which will definitely get a lot of attention from your guests.

Where to place it

Believe it or not, one of the best locations or places to put the diy book rest would be on the most luminous part of a room.

The best advantage of using it is the fact that it can be placed almost anywhere – on a lower part of a wall, on the higher part of the wall, near a sofa or anywhere  else where you want to have it within hand’s reach.

In addition, you will not have to pay a colossal price on different shelves, and above all you will be able to change the book rest in case you get bored of it!


Where to buy

Taking into account the fact that it is a DIY item, it is extremely easy to find a metal piece that could perfectly fit the wall.

So, make sure that the next time you enter any supermarket you will look for this type of metal attachment. This invisible shelf is one of the most efficient ways of drawing attention to your interior decor and turning your house into a luxurious and modern home.

Be creative and intelligent at a low price! DIY projects are basically just crafts but more and more people are starting to integrate these ideas into their homes in order to create innovative interior design concepts.

The book rest is but one of the many new home design ideas that you can find on various diy blogs. As you can see, learning how to design your home is not as difficult as a beginner may think. All you need is the proper inspiration.

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