Customer Service on Social Media – 3 Tools to Manage Customer Support

Customer service on social media plays an incredibly important role nowadays, and social media is increasingly more often the channel of choice for any customers and potential clients to contact your brand.

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Nowadays, we rather use social media to claim something or make a complaint. If you manage social media communication for your clients, you probably know it best.

What tools can you use to power up your social customer service? Let?s find out.

The ultimate social media customer service tool – Napoleon Cat

Let?s say that you are responsible for managing ?quite a few? social media profiles. By ?quite a few?, we mean more than three (even if you do not think that is a lot).

It can become difficult to manage so many profiles manually in a heartbeat, and if those profiles are in a ?sensitive? industry, it makes things even more complicated.

You need one of those social media customer service tools that can automate many of your tedious tasks and take your customer care to the next level.

This is where Napoleon Cat steps up, offering a lot of features you can use for efficient social media management, with a focus on social customer service.

How does it work? Well, Napoleon Cat is a social media management suite that offers social media scheduling and social media reporting, but is also one of the tools for social media customer service that you?ll fall in love from the first sight.

Thanks to the Social Inbox feature, it is easier to manage conversations or comments on your social media profiles and therefore positively impact the level of customer satisfaction.

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Also, your employees can be happier with the outcome since they wouldn?t have to spend so much time on managing it manually.

If you need a good social media customer service tool to handle customer support on Facebook or Twitter better, then you may have just found one.

Build your own chatbot and manage your customer service processes better with Chatbotize

Some marketers are afraid of building chatbots, being put off by some traumatic experiences with the interface or just non-functional chatbots.

This myth of building chatbots has been alive for years, but is by no means true. You really can build a fully functional and advanced chatbot with some creators available online.

With Chatbotize, you can build a professional conversational marketing platform in seconds by using the available templates, elements and ready-to-use plugins.

How is it one of the best social media customer service tools to go with?

Well, your chatbot can either visibly help with the process of customer support (and after recognizing the request, it can send this enquiry to a particular agent responsible for these kinds of requests) or even do the work for your agents, redirecting your potential clients further.

Since it is so simple to set up, you should definitely give it a try if you have identified any bottlenecks in your customer support.

Monitor mentions about your brand with Unamo

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You shouldn?t act like you are not bothered by what, who, when and where is being said about your brand.

If you don?t react to mentions on social media, your brand can easily become infamous and you can lose some loyal clients. Needless to say that new ones won?t step up to replace those who left you.

By monitoring some social media reactions with Unamo, you are able to act quickly whether someone recommends your brand further or actually complains about it.

Social media listening for social customer service is really crucial if you want to deliver the best customer experience. While Unamo may not be seen as a social media customer service tool, it can definitely be used as one of them to help your customer service.

You should try it out and find out how many of these mentions are being generated on a daily basis. It may turn out that an area you?ve once neglected is one of the most crucial ones for your customer support, so do not ignore this tool!

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