Climbing Fishes You Should Consider Adding to Your Aquarium

There are things we might want to conclude can only exist in our imaginations and one of those things is seeing your pet fish climbing a tree.

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I mean, a few years ago I probably would faint if I saw a tree climbing fish but now that I know better, I want one in my aquarium.

Seriously, there are three major fishes that have been discovered to be climbers and are awesome pets if you are into fishes. Let’s check them out so you can decide which one to add to your school of fish.

1. The Mangrove Killifish

Mangrove Killifish

Rivulus Marmoratus, also known as the Mangrove Killifish is found in the the Caribbean, Florida, and Latin America, is indeed a unique fish. Firstly, you need to know that this fish is the only vertebrae that has been discovered to fertilize it’s own eggs.

This fish has both male and female species but most of the baby fishes (fingerlings) are hermaphrodites. The Mangrove Killifish can alter their gills just so they can live out of water.

When the season for the water in the Mangrove to dry up reaches, these fishes climb all the way up trees and find a home inside logs till the water comes back. Once the water returns, they know it is safe so they alter their gills and climb back into the waters.

2. The climbing gourami

climbing gourami

The gouramis are a lovely fish and they can add beauty to your aquarium. They also have the ability to climb and they hail from southern Asia and Africa. One type of this fish is known as the climbing perch.

If the water it calls home dries out, it climbs out and then travels to find a new home. It has spiny gills and uses it to climb up trees.

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3. Climbing catfish

Climbing catfish

The climbing catfish which is also known as the Litogenes waharis  is the most recent discovery of climbing fish. This catfish has the ability to climb using it’s pelvic fins. Some of these fishes have been found clinging to rocks but that doesn’t mean they can climb trees though but it doesn’t mean they cannot.

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