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Christmas Tree Ornaments and Holiday Decorations to Try

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With the availability of different types of holiday decorations and Christmas ornaments to pick from, it is easy to just go with what you already know instead of stressing your head trying to figure out something you every year.

Why don’t you try something different this season and see how family and friends would love the new change of look this time?

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One of the joys of this holiday season is that it gives you an excuse to decorate your home with all the beauty and bright decorations that are associated with the Christmas period.

Of course, a lot of people get confused by the variety of decorations and design options that are available, and that’s one reason why some people stick to the same design every year. Even I make the same mistake ( but come on, nobody wants to be stressed).

I have discovered that when it comes to decorating my home for Christmas, I always want to put up all the decorations that have been gifted to me by those that I love, and I always hang them the same way I did the previous year. However, whenever I try something new, the feeling is different and even more exciting.

To help you try something new and more beautiful this holiday season, I have put together some of my favourite ornaments that will help you dress your home and decorate your tree in a manner that will leave your family in awe. Hopefully, you would find this helpful and also leave a comment.

The Christmas tree

We’re starting this list with a Christmas tree because it is the biggest and most apparent decoration of the season. The Christmas tree is the oldest of all Christmas decorations because it dates as far back as the very first Christmas that was ever celebrated. It might also interest you to know that the first indoor Christmas tree was used in Germany.

There are so many decorations that go on the Christmas tree to give it a beautiful and attractive look. And there are also different ways you can arrange these ornaments and successfully pass a unique message every year.

I love miniature Christmas trees because they can be fun to decorate. Imagine having a big Christmas tree that carries all your classic ornaments, and several tiny ones in different areas of your house. You could have one tiny tree as a centrepiece, one on a side table in your dining section, and even one at the entrance to your living room.

Each miniature tree would have a unique theme that can easily draw the attention of your guests and leave them wondering how come you are this creative.

The best way to decorate a Christmas tree is to put your Christmas lights on first; then you can put your garland and tinsel, followed by your unique ornaments, and finally your tree topper. Following this pattern would allow you to decorate every layer of your tree efficiently.

The glass ball Christmas tree ornament

Glass ball ornaments, also known as baubles are one of the classic Christmas tree traditions that people still practice. Even I cannot resist the temptation of decorating my Christmas tree with some glass balls.

People love glass ball ornaments so much that some even decorate their Christmas tree with solid colored ones to create a specific theme.

One beautiful thing about glass ball ornaments is that you can use them to represent several memorable events that occurred in the lives of you and your loved ones within the year. It could be a wedding anniversary; it could be a graduation ceremony or even the birth of one of your kids.

All you have to do is look for glass ball ornaments that celebrate some of the events that you do not want to forget. Or better still, you can go for the DIY option.

Shaped glass ornaments

We love glass Christmas ornaments because they come in different shapes and sizes. Some of them are shaped like animals, and some others are shaped as lovely symbols.

The five most famous glass shaped ornaments that will leave your Christmas tree looking lovely include:

  1. The elongated ovals are also known as the egg-shaped glass ornaments
  2. The icicle shaped glass ornament is not only lovely but reminds you of the winter season. You can pair it up with some animal shaped glass ornaments to give your Christmas tree a more natural theme.
  3. The teardrop-shaped glass ornament also called the chandelier shaped glass ornaments also make a beautiful addition to your Christmas tree.
  4. The heart shaped, or lamp shaped glass ornaments is also a very traditional addition piece to your Christmas tree.
  5. The sphere-shaped glass ornament is usually confused with the glass ball ornament. However, They are different because the sphere shaped glass ornaments is usually handcrafted with glass blowing.

Personalised Christmas ornaments

Using traditional Christmas ornaments that are not personalised to decorate your tree is a beautiful idea.

However, adding a touch of personalised items that remind you of events such as vacations, a special sport, or even items that help to tell your family story would make your Christmas tree more and emotional for you and every member of the family.

One lovely thing about personalised ornaments is that you can give them to your loved ones as a holiday present. These kinds of presents are sure to last for years and continue to tell stories of family, friendship, and love.

Tree toppers

On top of almost every Christmas tree seats a big shiny star. While the star is undeniably the traditional tree topper, persons have decided to switch things up by replacing the star with an angel.

The choice is up to you to make. You can decide to go with the traditional star, use an angel, or even use a Santa Claus tree topper. I am going for a food themed Christmas tree this season, and I will be using a chef hat tree topper instead of a star.

Tinsel, garland, and lights

Lights, Tinsel, and garland are the very first things that remind you of Christmas because there appear everywhere you turn during the holiday season.

You can use them to decorate almost anything from your tree to your house and even the entrance to your shop.

They are usually very affordable and easy to use. Nevertheless, if you must use lights, tinsel, and garland, make sure you do not have pets, or you keep them far away from your pet as much as possible.

This is because little animals are always tempted to play with these items and they could end up ruining all your hard work.

DIY ornaments

Christmas is all about spending time with family, and what better way to spend quality time with your children than to sit with them and make some beautiful DIY Christmas tree ornaments? Check out our articles on different DIY decorations and ornaments.

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Emmanuella Ekokotu
Ekokotu Emmanuella is a sociologist and Anthropologist, writer, and fashion model who lives in Benin city, Edo state,Nigeria.

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