Chika Ike Publishes Her First Book Titled “BOSS UP”

Chika Ike

Writing is now a trend in the industry and even our dear celebrities have joined in the trend. Our beautiful and young actress Chika Ike has recently released a sensational book titled “Boss up“. When asked why the book “Boss up” she said her mother had begged her to write the book which was supposed to be written a while back.

She said that her mum who was an author and also aware of her unpublished book had begged and pleaded with her to publish the book just before she died 3 years ago and so she regarded the book as the response to her dying mother’s last wishes.

She recounted that it had taken her seven whole years to write the book and it was written at a period where the goings got tough. She said the book is supposed to act as a helpful guide to people who feel maybe because of their background, they won’t amount to anything good.

About the book, she said it is a description of her life’s journey. It gives us an insight and an overview on how her life journey went, what had happened to her in life and how she eventually got to pull through. There are undeniably 5 things that we must not fail to take note about the book.

The first thing that we should notice about the book is her journey from Grace to Grass. In her book, she gave a detailed account about how her determination to succeed in life through hard work and this determination was apparently spurred by what had happened to her during childhood.

Although she grew up in a very comfortable middle-class family, she had all the good things a child needed for her growing up. Her parents made sure she didn’t lack anything that could have deterred her developmental process.

But then life had set in with crisis and everything suddenly turned around for worse for her family when her father’s business had turned around and crashed.

Things became very difficult for her family and the privileges she enjoyed as a child had to be cut off or reduced. Although she described that her parents really tried their best in not making it affect them but things were no longer the same anymore.

The second thing she discussed in the book was the very fragile relationship she had with her father. Although, it is usually expected that a lady’s first relationship is always that which was fostered with her dad, Chika Ike’s case was the exact opposite of this known fact. She and her dad didn’t really get along.

She described her relationship with her dad as “a cat and rat relationship”. She felt her father resented her and despite her mother’s interferences to improve the quality of their relationship, things were not improving.


She said that it was not until her father had died and a shouting match had ensued between her and her mum, that was when she got to find out the real reason as to why her father had disliked her.

Her mum told her that her father was expecting a boy and when she turned out to be girl, her father had been very disappointed and had turned that disappointment to resentment.

In the book review, she also talked about another thing which was about her failed relationships and how she got divorced. With all her beauty and her kind attitude, one would believe that any guy who sees her will cherish and love her, but then you are wrong. She has gone through her own fair share of broken hearts and tears.

She recounted that one of her relationships had ended when she found out that her ex-boyfriend was cheating on her with a friend who lived with her for almost 2years. It was quite heart breaking to find out for her.

When she began her acting career, she fell in love again and decided to get married to the man she fell in love with only for her to experience domestic violence and abuse in the marriage.

She wrote in her book that it took her courage to pull herself together again and leave the marriage most especially when she found out that her husband had cheated on her with her supposed best friend.

After she left the marriage, she decided that love was no longer for her and instead, she decided to put all her energy in her career and concentrate on making it a success.

Another thing she pointed out to in her book was how and when she madeer first million bringing her into the spheres and circles of millionaires.

She talked about how she had to get used to saving especially during her university days and how she had to give somethings and sell them so that by 21, she would attain her dream which was to be a millionaire at that age. With her dogged determination and zeal, it didn’t take so long for her to achieve t that dream of hers.

She talked about how she went into investments most especially in real estates after she had saved her first million. From there, she went into other businesses which started to boom. Now, she is not only into business as well as acting, but she has been able to create job opportunities by opening and establishing lots of businesses.


Her story “Boss Up” also hinted us about Her experience with a filmmaker who had swindled her of a large amount of money. In her words she said “He took her generosity for naivety”.

She said this had occurred when she was approached by a film maker to loan him some amount of money with the promise to return the money back to her within a specific period of time. She gladly obliged him out of the goodness of her heart.

Eventually, when it was time for her to recollect her money, the filmmaker had suddenly disappeared into thin air without a trace. She gave other people both in and outside the industry an insight on how to handle people like this.

So if you are not planning to purchase the book before, now you know there are awesome reasons why you should. “Boss up” is a book that is to inspire other people not to ever give up on themselves even though they may have been rejected by either family, friends or both.