How to Change Your Instagram Username?

From its growth from a square-shaped picture-sharing app to being the giant of picture-sharing is nothing short of impressive.

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Instagram, Facebook?s child app, has carved its slice of the pie by its plans to keep things simple. Even with all its competitions springing forth new features, Instagram has remained on its toes and made sure that its users have all they need.

Formerly, you are stuck with the username you are signed up with. But now, you can change your username anytime you want as long as it has not been taken, anyone.

If the username you came up with is in use, you can?t use it but you are given the chance to test out a few before you land on one that is available. To reduce that stress of trying out usernames, it is best you come up with a unique name.

When you are done with a username, you can use your smartphone either iPhone or Android to make the change or you can go through your browser. This article will talk about the steps you can follow to make this possible. The steps are listed below:

Changing your Username through your Smartphone

You already know that Instagram is a social platform that was first made for mobile phones, so we will deal with mobile phones first.

  • Open the Instagram app on your phone
  • Proceed to your profile section, which is located at the right side of the lower access bar.
  • Then click on the button ?Edit Profile? which is found below the information of your followers and following
  • While you are there, choose a new name that you have selected yourself. You can be done under the ?Username? section. Take note that you cannot pick a name that is being used by another user. That is the reason I mentioned earlier to create a unique username to avoid stress.
  • Click on the “Save? button once you are done.

How to change your Instagram Username through your web browser?

If you are not an enthusiastic user of the ?gram? and you are accessing it through a browser, then this is the steps you should follow because it?s different from the one above.

  • Launch the Instagram website on your browser (either mobile or desktop)
  • Head to your profile by clicking on the icon on the top right corner of the website.
  • While you are in the profile page, click on ?Edit Profile? button, which is found next to your username.

In the ?Username? tab, enter the new name you want to change to. Make sure the name you entered is not being used by another user.

  • After the changes to the username, scroll down to the bottom of the page and then click on ?Send? for the changes to take effect.

You can use the two methods that were stated above to change your Instagram username on your phone or your browser (mobile and desktop). Note that the moment you change your username, your old username is up for grabs.

So if you have the thought of going back to your previous username, create another account to hold on to that username or else it might not be there when you want it.

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