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Reap The Health And Financial Benefits Through Electronic Cigarette

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Electronic cigarettes could be aptly termed as mere hatchling products which are still to grow and develop. On the other hand, just like a celebrity infant being pursued by the paparazzi, these products are really popular and controversial.

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The globe is almost swept off its feet by electronic cigarettes. Not even common people, but the celebrities are also attracted to electronic cigarettes and some they have also invested their money in electronic cigarettes brands.

Charlie Sheen

Sheen is one of the highest paid actors on television. Exactly what he did to his hard-earned income was to invest it in a joint venture for an electronic cigarette line named as NicoSheen.

Bruno Mars

Even Bruno Mars last year announced his most recent investment decision on one of the leading brands of electronic cigarettes, name NJOY. Several weeks before, Bruno Mars posted a tweet of himself using the same brand name. He gave all credit to his mom because she influenced him to do so.

Lindsay Lohan

Lohan is one of the youthful superstars recognized as troubled as a consequence of her successive connection in legal suits and intrigues. Recently, she was spotted to vaping electronic cigarette while reviewing the script of her upcoming film.

Eric Roberts

He is the brother of the most famous actress Julia Roberts and also starred in one of the famous movie “The Dark Knight” and many more television shows and films. In his recent photo shoot with Costello twins, they were vaping SmokeStik platinum electronic cigarettes.

Britney Spears

Britney made it her news while she was spotted smoking cigarettes with her own kids nearby. With the realization she switched to the electronic cigarette.

Kate Moss

Moss is also like other superstars spotted many times on camera though carrying out some indecent tricks. Most recently, she photographed herself while using an electronic cigarette.

Johnny Depp

Very known for his role as Jack Sparrow in the pirates of the Caribbean, he has also acted in the film The Tourist with an Angelina Jolie. In the movie, there are some scenes where he is powering the device. Even in of the scene which is filmed in the train that suggests vaping is far more pleasant than smoking traditional cigarettes.  However, as per the recent rules and regulations you are not allowed to smoke on public transpiration.

As we know that, people blindly follow what celebrity did. Whether it’s their dressing style, hair style or it’s an e-cig they are smoking. They all did such things very carefully because it has great influence on people as well.

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