Best Life Tips for a Shipshape Physical and Mental Health

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Trying to balance work and home life together every day can be really tough. Sometimes, it may even cause stress and dreadful worriment. But how about if you get to know that there is a splendid way out of all these heebie-jeebies?

To get you out of the daily dilemma and minimize the stress levels, we have gathered here six simple but proven hacks.

Be Thankful for What You Have

Following this hack can do wonders for your mental health. Seriously! It doesn’t have to be done at a stretchy pace to consume a lot of your time.

The only thing which matters is that you are specific when you do it. Even if it’s done only once a day. Being grateful for what you have is a therapy which attracts more happiness in your life. Since you are satisfied with the state of abundance you possess.

Get Out and Move!

The majority of the medical societies and government advisory guidelines suggest a minimum of 30 minutes warm-up movements a day.

A lot of time is usually spent in front of our laptops or roaming around in the cars. It is tough to procure a healthy routine. So what should you do under these circumstances? Use the stairs, rather than taking an elevator.

Walk five flights up the stairs five times a week. Will walking do the trick? Of course, it will help you burn approximately 302 calories and lose 15 pounds a year! Plus, to get yourself more physical activity, park your vehicle furthest in the parking spot.

Enjoy Home Meals

Seemingly, it’s more convenient to eat out at full-service restaurants or fast foods. Centered upon the studies, which shows that dining out rather than consuming homemade meals is unhealthy concerning fats, sodium, and calories.

Good news! By dining at home, you will lose approximately 190 calories, around 3-400 mg of sodium, and 10 grams of fat. Favorably, it also allows you to spend some quality time with your FAM jam!

Stay Hydrated

For optimal health, drink 16-20 glasses of water every day. Carry a reusable water bottle throughout the day. Overall wellness is closely associated with staying hydrated.


It can help boost your energy levels, prevent kidney stones, prevent uneasy headaches, prevent constipation, and is a perfect natural remedy for weight loss.

Don’t Gobble Your Meal

Yes, I agree. There are times when eating in a rush becomes a necessity. Whether you are a caught up with a short deadline or a presentation overdue.

We have seen many people often eat hurriedly to save time or worse, skip eating the food for a temporary alternate route. “Moderation” in our life will not only emerge peace of mind but also give you time to relax.

The 25-minute lunch break when you are free of workload to enjoy a nutritional meal. Uh! What else can one wish for? It helps in refreshing and resetting your mind while also blotting out the increased pulse rate and blood pressure.

Have a Light Din-Din

For a profoundly peaceful night sleep, have a light dinner. In fact, allowing 2 to 3 hours between din-din and bedtime leads to a greater sense of refreshment and more energy to get you going throughout the day.

What’s more is that heavy late night dinners can cause troublesome acid refluxes during your sleep. Giving rise to a wearisome roll.