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Top Best Lawn Mowers Of 2020

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When you get the right mower, you will save a lot of money by mowing your lawn by yourself and stress-free. It makes mowing your lawn a whole lot easier, and give your yard a well-cut fulfilment.

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A mower is also a cleaning tool when there are weeds, seeds and leaves on the grass. Besides, having tall and unkempt lawn attracts pests like ticks and fleas.

If you already have tick infestation, be sure to contact your professional pest exterminator for proper inspection and pest extermination.

Furthermore, there are mowers that stand out in terms of flexibility, speed, reliability, quietness (particularly battery mowers), simplicity, longevity and power. Check out some of the best mowers of 2020.

Greenworks 40V Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Ten inches rear wheels and 7 inches front wheels make this Greenworks mower easy to control and move over small to medium yards.

It is more modest than most models but well built with a steel deck. It’s also a cordless electric mower which has many features that you would only find on a higher priced model, including the three-in-one feature that provides mulching, side-discharge and rear bagging.

This single lifting mechanism is fitted with a spring, which provides seven cutting height position. The mower comes with a 2Ah and 4Ah batteries, along with indicators for battery life, as well as a four-year warranty. 

  • Length for cutting: 19 inches
  • Max height for pruning: 3 inches


The fact that a mower is a full size (21-inch deck) usually plays against its capacity to be stored. Yet the EGO’s amazing industrial design makes it straightforward and convenient store with a forward-folding handle that almost disappears and telescopes away.

The sloping nose makes it easier to reach underneath the low-hanging shrubs and increases its storing space, allowing it to roll under everything else in the garage. Besides, its height adjustment with a single lever helps in the yard.

  • Voltage: 56
  • Cutting width: 21 inches

Toro Super Recycler Gas Walk-Behind Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

It walk-behind self-propelled mower helps you to adjust its speed to accommodate your pace whenever and wherever.


It’s easy to navigate, and because it is self-propelled with a flex suspension handle, it tends to minimize physical discomfort when maintaining more extensive or sloped lawns.

It’s durable Honda GCV engine with four cutting height options for fast running and powerful mowing. This 21-inch heavy-duty steel slicing deck is well built and long-lasting to guarantee it lasts for ages. Toro’s five-year warranty offers additional comfort.

It is an all-terrain workhorse that allows flexibility with its three-in-one cutting deal of rear bagging collection that is excellent for a clean lawn. The side discharge for less regularly cut regions, or recycler mulching and clipping accelerators, which is suitable for lawn fertilization.

  • Width for cutting: 21 inches
  • Max height for cutting: 4.25 inches

Troy-Bilt TB115

This horsepower wars rage on with lawnmowers, as they do for cars, although with a modest 140-cc Briggs & Stratton unit, this mower does just fine.

The compact engine adds to the lightweight of the machine, thereby making it fast and easy to handle.

Mowing with it is enjoyable. Remarkably, the mower bags and mulches handle normal-height grass and with the side discharge chute in the place provided a positive review in the tall-grass test for itself.

We don’t suggest it has a 190-cc mower’s oomph, however, if you don’t need that, why buy more engine than you want? This is a cost-effective choice for a small yard or complex landscape.

  • Engine: 140 cc
  • Cutting width: 21 inches

Cub Cadet 54-inch Mower

With this, you can’t do a lot better for large lawns or pulling a dirt-filled truck with the powerful Cub Cadet, powered by a 24-hp Kohler V twin (its engine is excellent, the reason why you should pick this tractor).

The big Kohler connects for plenty of great old-school pulling power with a Tuff Torq transmission.

For the money, this is a lot of machines, especially when you consider that its engineered (welded) deck cuts a 54-inch swath of grass.  


The 54 inches swath takes you closer to a perfectly mowed yard. However, if you have small storage, it is best to go for other options.

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