Best Emoji Apps

Best Emoji Apps

An emoji is an icon or small digital image that is used to express an idea or emotion. They are smileys and ideograms used in web pages and electronic messages. The first Emoji was created by Shigetaka Kurika in 1999.

During that time, he worked on the development for “i-mode,” an early mobile internet platform from Japan’s main mobile carrier, DOCOMO. 

Currently, Emoji is a very popular form of communication that is used everywhere. It is supported on all platforms, including Google (Android and Chrome OS), Apple, Microsoft, etc.

People find it more casual than words, and also it adds clarity to a phrase. With emojis, we can express emotions such as joy and sadness without having to commit to the rigidity of callous words. 

Although some people find it difficult to find the emojis they want when typing, so they start searching for emoji apps. This results in third parties creating emoji apps that will offer a wide range of Emoji to enhance people’s conversation.  

Currently, Emojis have become a wonderful way for someone to improve the way we communicate when typing. There are many ways to get the GIFs and emojis that are available on every platform. The best way for users to get them, is to download them through a keyboard app.  

To help people get access to any emoji they want, we have selected some of the Android and iOS Best Emoji Apps available on Google Play Store and Apple store: 


Bitmoji is much more than a keyboard. The app allows Its user to create their own Bitmoji, which is a character that looks just like them.

Bitmoji has a lot of special features that make it unique from other emoji apps; for example, it can intertwine the Bitmoji of two people for special emojis to make their conversations more fun. Also, the app allows the user to copy and paste the emojis they see. 


Kika Keyboard is available for both Android and iOS. It has over six thousand emojis, and it comes in various styles like Funny, Happy, Blueberry, etc. So there is always a lot of options for the user to choose from. 


There are over 5 thousand themes available for the users to download, and also enables them to customize how the keyboard will look like. The keyboard also allows the users to use their own photos as the background of the keyboard.

Other features available on the keyboard include:

  • Auto-correction mode
  • Support for over 60 languages
  • You can choose if you want your message to look funny, fancy or just plain by changing the font


Go keyboard is an interesting application because it allows for traditional typing or swiping. The app allows the users to adjust their keyboard as much as they want, add or remove numbers, and move the location of the emoji button. 

The Go keyboard includes many features that can give the users a fantastic experience while using it. It gives the users suggestions that make it easier for them to type long sentences or complete their thoughts after learning how they type and words that they use frequently. 

The application also updates its library by adding new emojis from time to time, for example, providing seasonal emojis that will make it fun when the holidays come, when the Easter bunny is out, and so on.  

Besides, the application allows the users to scroll through the library with ease. 


Flesky is one of the best emoji apps on both Android and iOS platforms. The app claims to be the fastest of all the keyboard applications because it removes the swipe function in favour of large keys that are easier to reach with thumbs.

The application also allows users to customize the way the keyboard will look like. The user can decide how large the keys will be, where they will access the emojis, and how many extra keys should be on the keyboard. Besides, the app has a lot of Emoji and GIFs on it; it allows the users to search for GIFs and emojis. 

The app has a full keyboard of emojis that come from places like EmojiOne, Twitter, and even the iOS style. The users have full control over the customization of the keyboard and emojis that should be displayed to them. The app allows its user to remove any emoji predictions if they don’t like it. 


Gboard is the Google keyboard; it was created to carry out all the functionality that Google has created over the years. The app features a lot of amazing benefits, including access to over 120 languages. Just like other keyboard apps, it allows the user to adjust the layout or the theme of the keyboard to make typing easier. 


The app allows for swiping or simple tap typing. It also has a lot of emojis for users to use. The user can even search for GIFs and emojis when they are looking for something specific. 


Swiftmoji was created by the people behind Swiftkey; it was made just for emojis. It has all the options that the user needs when they would like to get emojis from different places like EmojiOne, Google, iOS, and Twitter emojis. 

The app was designed in a way that is very easy to navigate, and it allows for a configuration for the keyboard when looking for just emojis. The keyboard was created to work with the regular Swiftkey so that typing can be much faster than it was in the past. 


Textra is not just a regular keyboard; it is also a texting app that will replace the default messenger on the user’s phone. The app makes it more fun by enabling the user to use any GIFs and emojis of their choice from the app’s library. 

When a user downloads Textra, they are greeted with vibrant colours of the application, and it allows the user to change the theme to any colour scheme they like. The app also allows the users to search for any GIFs and emojis from its library. Besides, the app imports emojis from platforms like Google, iPhone, and Twitter. 


Facemoji is an application that provides both Emoji and typing support. The application allows the users to set up the keyboard in one of the many languages that are available. The users have access to over 2,500 emojis that have been uploaded to the application, and the keyboard also allows for gesture typing. 

Facemoji is one of the best emoji apps on both platforms because it supports all the functionality needed for users to enjoy amazing experiences when using the keyboard. The app uploads new emojis regularly to the application library. 

In addition, the app imports emojis from popular platforms like Twitter. Facemoji makes it easy for users to communicate their emotions properly by combining the keyboard and emojis.

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