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7 Best Christmas Beauty Tips

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Whether you’re traveling home for Christmas to see your family and friends or heading out to Christmas parties to see old colleagues over the festive period, there is no denying the fact that you’ll want to look your best or slay (that’s what girls say these days).

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With the seven best Christmas beauty tips we have shared here, you’ll be looking pretty for those intimate moments with your new catch and even steal the spotlight.

1. Christmas Party Make-Up

Christmas party make-up has to be perfect if you want to look your best at Christmas. The key to slaying and looking perfect for your Christmas gathering is to wear the right color of eye shadow first.

Once your eye shadow is applied, move on to use your foundation and do anything else you want to add. With this method, you are sure that no loose eye shadow will fall in places you don’t want them in.

2. A Simple Up ‘Do Never  Hurt Anyone

Christmas is a very frantic time for every single one of us. That is why it can be difficult or almost impossible to find the strength to fix the hairstyles.

But then, if you want to look great for the season, one of the best beauty tips you need to master is the art of basic lovely hairdos.

If you would like to put your hair up instead of letting it fly around, try making two small sections in front of your hair, twisting one of the sections from the front; once neatly twisted, pin it into place behind your head.

Do the same with the other side. Then hold the remainder of your hair into a lovely messy bun. This is a very simple and elegant look, and more importantly a quick one.

3. Go for Glittery Lips

Nothing screams Christmas louder than glitter, and slathering your lips with some sparkly goodness will definitely offer you a fair share of the spotlight this Christmas holiday.

To master this beautiful look, carefully line your lips with a light-colored lip liner pencil, then add some foundation to the corners of your lips.


Once that is done, apply any creamy lipstick of your choice with the aid of a lip brush before getting a flat brush to fix on your glitter. If you wish, you can finish up with a clear lip gloss.

The only thing you must bear in mind if you are thinking of having glittery lips for a Christmas party is that kissing, eating, and drinking, may be off-limits (we don’t want to mess up our glitters); so make sure to weigh up your priorities before going ahead to wear a glitter pout.

4. Combat the effects of alcohol on your skin

Although the Christmas period is the most likely time for you to sip on a tasty glass of your favorite alcohol, your skin doesn’t need it.

Alcohol makes you dehydrated and can cause your skin to become dry, grey and very dull. To ensure your skin has a priceless glow regardless of the endless flow of alcohol over the Christmas period, you need a lot more than you moisturizer.

Instead of investing in different moisturizers, you can buy some cleansing milk that contains hyaluronic acid. To make your skin fresher, you could also use a brightening face mask. When you decide to buy one, look for a product that contains alpha-hydroxy acids.

Alpha-hydroxy is a natural acid that helps to destroy dry dead skin cells, firm up saggy skin and moisturize. Alternatively, you can opt for some booze-free mocktail.

5. Tired Eyes

All the many nights you spend partying with the girls, turning up with your colleagues and neighbors is bound to leave even the youngest of eyes looking tired.

To ensure that you remain good looking, bright, and alert over the Christmas holiday, you can give yourself a little eye massage to avoid dealing with puffy eyes.

Start the massage at the corner of one eye and gently work your way up, get to the area between your brow bone and your eye, carefully rubbing with your fingers as you go until you arrive at the outer edge of each eye.

Repeat the process along your lower lash line. Also, when you wear makeup, you must be careful where you apply your blusher as the wrong application, or applying it too high will make you appear tired.


6. Flat Stomach is everything, and you know it

For most of us, having a flat, washboard stomach is equivalent to the elixir of life – a seemingly distant, priceless dream that may never become a reality.

But then, we have a number of tricks that might make it possible for you to achieve that flat tummy. Firstly, try to take aloe vera juice or peppermint capsules.

Each of both options does a very good job of offering support to the digestive system, and both of them can help you get the flat stomach you want by preventing bloating.

If you want to look your best in your Christmas outfit, you can also avoid munching on certain foods that may lead to excessive gas and bloating.

You can do your best to limit junk and other foods that contain refined sugar, or fermented products like alcohol and cheese.

7. Have A Great Time When you can

I am about to share one of the best Christmas beauty tips of all time with you, so make sure that you sit comfortably and read up.

It’s a simple one, enjoy yourself as much as possible. It sounds like the most simple thing to do, but whatever you decide to do this Christmas, ensure that you spend time with other people who you genuinely like.

And also spend some time with people who have positive things to say about you or make you feel great about yourself.

You may not know this, but having a great time is the best beauty treatment for everyone because when you’re happy, it shows: your skin begins to glow, your eyes light up, and everyone begins to warm to you and wants to spend time more quality time with you.

These seven best Christmas beauty tips are specifically designed to help even the laziness person, so please try them out.


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Emmanuella Ekokotu
Ekokotu Emmanuella is a sociologist and Anthropologist, writer, and fashion model who lives in Benin city, Edo state,Nigeria.

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