Best Apps to Enhance Your WhatsApp User Experience on Android

Amongst all the Instant Messaging Apps in the Play Store, WhatsApp is the most popular. It has made its way to all platforms (iOS, web and Android) and now it?s getting backings from Facebook with its many updates.

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WhatsApp supports a lot of features like voice and video calls, Sticker support, GIF support, etc. for users who chose not to go with a third-party modified WhatsApp like GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus for various reasons known to them, there are various Android apps that you can use to provide more features along with your WhatsApp.

This article will give insight into the best apps you can use to enhance your WhatsApp user experience on Android.

Best Apps You Can Use to Enhance Your WhatsApp Experience on Android

Sticker Maker

whatsapp user experience on android

It helps to create stickers with your face on it. Sticker Maker can also be used to create sticker packs with your friends, awkward moments, favourite facial expressions, and others. It is easy to use. Use this link to know more?

Parallel Space


This app comes in handy for Android users whose devices cannot create a clone version of an app. Since WhatsApp does not support multiple accounts from one smartphone, with the help of parallel space, over one WhatsApp account can be used on a single Android device.



Sometimes when we are in a place full of distraction and noise, we feel so desperate to convert our WhatsApp voice messages to text messages so we can read them.

Transcriber is an app suited for that. Connecting it to WhatsApp allows it to transcribe your audio messages, and it brings out the text version of it.


auto responder for whatsapp

There comes a time when you feel that urgent need to send a reply to your clients or friends on an important issue, this is a very handy app for that. It is more useful to business users who need to auto-respond to selected contacts.

This is a cool feature that was added to the modified WhatsApp, giving it an advantage over the original WhatsApp but no more. This app has a free and premium version, but the free version should be enough to sort you out.

App Lock

app lock

This is a great app for people who want to secure their WhatsApp chat from curious eyes. I use it to lock apps in the App Drawer. If you want to keep your sensitive information from others, then this app is what you need.

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Notifly app

Looking for a new way to read WhatsApp messages while you are in the middle of a game or movie? Notifly is a unique app for that, as it helps you to read and reply to your WhatsApp messages in a new way.

You no longer have to exit your movie or game to reply a chat, it opens up a WhatsApp conversation like a bubble and without switching apps, you can easily reply to the incoming messages.

SKEDit Scheduling App


With this app installed on your Android phone, you can carry out all forms of scheduling and planning. It can be integrated into your WhatsApp to help schedule messages. It is also used to schedule SMS, emails, and this is the best scheduling app for regular WhatsApp users.



We all have that great photo that we could not upload as a WhatsApp profile picture; it?s embarrassing sometimes. With CropShop, you can shorten or crop a large photo while uploading. This app helps you to fix this issue and allow you to post the picture the way you want on all social networking platforms.

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