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Adjusting Acrimony Ways To Curb Anger

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Controlling your anger is not a difficult task. However, to do it right, you have to practice a few things regularly. Here are some ways by which you can reduce your anger.


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This is for believers. All of us who believe in God can use this technique to calm down. Spirituality has a great effect in reducing anger and anger related symptoms.When you have a firm belief in God, then you would find praying to God extremely soothing.

Saying a prayer would mean you are asking God for help and it would not just help you calm your mind but will also give you a sense of reassurance which in turn would ensure that you have your temper in your control.


Meditation is an age-old technique that has been used to effectively manage stress, tension and anger. Meditation ensures that your mind is relaxed and calm to get control over your emotions including anger.

Meditation will inject a sense of positivity in you and keep negative thoughts and emotions at bay. Meditation will give you the much-needed mental refreshment and reduce your anger triggers.

Take time out:

Taking time out ensures that you do not embarrass yourself as a result of what you speak or do in a fit of anger. When you give yourself some time and pull away from a situation, you have sufficient time to take yourself in grip and you do not do anything that may prove to be harmful to you or someone else.

Though many people would term this to be a cowardly approach to the situation, it is in fact one of the best things to do once you realize that you might lose your temper.

Avoid any reactions:

There may be many provocations thrown at you but ignoring is the key of the game. You should try and avoid reacting to provocation as it will instigate your anger and worsen the situation for you.

It is important to understand that there may be many situations that make you angry but getting angry is not a solution. It only adds to the problem.

Maintain an anger journal:

Writing is another way of venting out hidden anger and frustration. Maintaining a journal will help you keep track of all the times when you got angry and analyze them to find out what are your triggers and how frequently you get angry.


Maintaining an anger journal is a step suggested by many psychologists for people who tend to get angry easily. Writing an anger journal would give you insight into yourself and your emotions.

Move away from the place:

Moving away from the place is a good way to ensure that you are away from an instigating scene and are distracted.

This will help you regain hold over yourself and your anger.Moving away from the place will also ensure that you have time to think over a solution rather than focusing only on the problem.

Deep breathing exercises:

Like meditation, deep breathing is an age-old remedy to keep your mind calm and peaceful.

When we breathe deeply, not only does it have asoothing impact that eases our minds but also helps in distracting us from the problem at hand and thus, robs us of our stress, tension and anger.

Talk to someone:

Communication is an effective way to deal with anger. When we open up and talk to someone, it helps us release our pent up anger and frustration. It also gives us the comfort that we have someone to count upon.

This realisation will often relieve you of majority of the frustrations. Suppressing your anger will have harmful effects on your health. However, if anger is driven out in a positive way , it surely helps.

Try and forgive the person:

When we forgive people for their mistakes, we automatically reduce the number of times we get angry over the same issue.

Instead of getting angry at people for their mistakes, if we change our mindset and start thinking that all of us tend to make mistakes, we tend to reduce our temper.

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