Actress Suzzane Somers recounts on how she grows new breasts after beating breast cancer


Amazing things happen everyday, and Suzanne Somers is a testifier. She had an alternative therapy after she was being diagnosed with breast cancer which led to the loss of her breast. The alternative medicine worked wonders in not just making her feel okay but also regrowing the breast that was cut off in order for cancer not to spread.

After she was diagnosed with having breast cancer in the year 2000, she is considered a winner after beating the disease. The 71-year-old actress claimed that she was looking to replace the breast which was already looking disfigured after the surgery.

After she discovered that they were an alternative therapy, medicine she could make use of and that it was safe, the actress vehemently denied the use of chemotherapy. Instead of undergoing extensive chemotherapy, she decided to opt for lumpectomy as well as radiation.

According to her, at the time her treatment was complete, and the bandages were removed, about 65% of the mass of her breast size was gone. She was all to say mortified and terrified. In her words “On one side I had a massive D cup, however, on the other side, I could barely even fill a B cup. I was scared, shocked and my breasts felt like a stranger in my body.”

When it was time to fix herself, she decided to take a non-conventional approach to the whole matter. She decided to undergo a very controversial procedure which included the transfer of stem cells. She experienced this procedure in 2012.

Six years later, her zeal and her non-conventional approach paid off. Her breasts grew back and not only that, the breasts now look very healthy and are back to its normal size too. Amazing don’t you think?

When having an interview with US Weekly, she was excited. In her words “You know what is so interesting about all this, this is a regrown breast. This is really mine. I went 11 years without having a breast on this side, and now I have full breasts I can flaunt”.

She sounded so excited while she said this and grasping her breasts on the red carpets at the carousel of hope Ball. Are you surprised? Well, here is what she did in order to have her breasts regrown.

She recounted how she met and sought the help of a doctor who is currently at the University of Toronto who was the leading doctor on a clinical trial with the use of stem cells. She became a part of the clinical trial and became one of the first Women who are from the United States of America to undergo a procedure known as cell-assisted lipotransfer.

“They took fat from my stomach, removed and spun out the stem cells from the fat, separated the weak ones from the strong ones, discarded the weak ones and they made use of the strong ones.


They injected the active stem cells into this breast with an instrument that looks like a Turkey blaster, and for almost a year, I felt like electronic zippers growing within the blood vessels.”

“Now I have two breasts that are mine, No implants, no foreign objects, no added objects, nothing. After the first two weeks when i got this procedure done, I was showing everyone who cared to see.

I will whip it out because I was so used to not having it there anymore. After two weeks, my husband, Alan Hamel told me that I have got to stop showing people my breasts. But I believe that if you have it, you flaunt it.” She told the US weekly.

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