8 Tips to Maintain Your Healthy Figure

young woman standing in field with cloth on breast
Photo by Francesca Zama on Pexels.com

Losing weight is never easy! Reaching your goal is a great reason for celebration. However, maintaining what you worked hard for is another milestone that you need to do.

There are many instances that dieters regain the weight that they have lost. According to studies, almost 90% of people dieting regain their weight.

The key to uphold your weight loss is by embracing healthier lifestyle habits which you need to include in your daily routine. Maintaining your new weight requires commitment and continuous effort.

It includes changing your eating habits, different exercises and even a new state of mind. Here are five ways that can help you keep your current weight while improving your health and body.

Get Enough Sleep

If you are not getting enough sleep, your body would not be able to maintain a regular appetite. Your schedule for eating changes as well. As your hormones become imbalance, you feel hungrier than before. This makes you want to eat more than you should.

Make A Meal Plan

You can make a plan for your eating by assigning a budget for your everyday meals including snacks. Before you shop, write down everything that you need. It is recommended that the main meal of the day includes a source of protein such as legumes or meat. Your plate should also include vegetables. Just never overdo carbs and eat more proteins instead.

Exercise at Least Half an Hour Daily

After losing weight, it is still important to continue exercising in order to maintain your figure. It is one of the best strategies to avoid regaining weight. It is not only good for the physical but your whole body will also benefit from daily exercises. It’s also good for the heart. Set reminders so you would not forget to workout.

Stop Avoiding Calories

Losing weight or maintaining your figure by avoiding calories can cause disorder on your metabolism which leads to severe fatigue, low immune system and also adrenal stress. If you are eating less while exercising more, your body will only increase your appetite while lowering your metabolism.

This is what makes it difficult to lose weight as you tend to eat more as well. What you have to do is to eat balanced meals which consists healthy fats, proteins, fruits and vegetables.

Set Goals

Having weekly or monthly goals can boost your motivation. It is also significant to reward yourself whenever you reach your goal or when your result is not worse than before. You can check for cute dresses or old pants that are too small for you. Your old clothes that you want to wear again can be some of your goals.


Drink Plenty of Water

Water may not be significant for maintaining weight. However, the practice of drinking plenty of water throughout the day serves as a reminder between-meal.

Weigh Yourself Everyday

This way, you are able to track your records by seeing the difference of your weight each day. When you see that you’re gaining weight, it is already an alarm that you just did something that was not on your plan. It’s time to get back on the track.

Say No to Extra

When we are facing our favorite food, we tend to get more. After finishing a plate, we crave for something else like a dessert for instance. You should be able to control your meals and always remind yourself why you need to stay cautious.

You may be thin on the outside, but there are many depleted fat cells wanting to return. You can place an old photo on the fridge to give more motivation.

If you wish to maintain your weight loss, you need to be active and responsible in continuing your healthy lifestyle. Just because you attained your goal does not mean you will be thoughtless and go back to your old practices.