8 Things You Can Do to Control and Manage Your Anger


Anger is a common issue faced by numerous people every day. It is a natural emotion that reflects our inner state and at times takes a toll on both our health and our relationships.

Anger is a cause of stress and problems in relationships with spouse, colleagues, relatives, financial issues, and even with your own self. Though anger is a normal emotion, it’s important for us to deal with it in a positive way.

If you are constantly dealing with anger issues, you must try to get it in control as quickly as possible. Here I’ve come up with the best eight useful things you can do to control and manage your anger.

1. Write out the Anger

You won’t always know why you are angry and frustrated. Jot down in detail everything that you think is making you angry. Pay attention to even the little things that annoy you and get on your nerves.

Also, consider writing out your feelings to help the anger. Try to set your mind free from all these feelings.  At times writing down just the feelings you are dealing with will help you feel better.

After writing those feelings either throw it away or burn it, as it will help you get some relive from the stress you have been experiencing.

2. Leave the Situation

When you are in a situation that is making you upset and angry, it is better than you get yourself out of the environment.

Sometimes the reason for your anger can only be the environment in which you are present and getting out of it will help you calm down and control your anger.

If its work, then probably you won’t be able to leave it completely, however, taking a mini vacation from it can work pretty well. So no matter the situation you are currently in if it’s making you stressed and putting you in anger, it’s wise to leave it.

3. Exercise Regularly

There are a number of studies that reflects the benefits of exercising to reduce anger and stress. Exercising regularly has a positive impact on mood. It helps to cut down the negative feelings from your life and aid to decrease stress as well.


When you exercise your body produces endorphin which makes you feel better. Though you don’t have to exercise for an hour a day to see the results, only about ten to fifteen minutes of exercising can do the trick.

So at any time you are upset about anything or getting angry, go out for a brisk walk or run for a while. Moreover, you can start up a new exercise routine to make sure that you can manage the anger ahead of time.

4. Sleep More

Sleeping often turns out to be an excellent technique to control stress and anger. It works for a lot of people so it can work for you too. In fact, sleep deprivation often becomes the prime reason to cause physical stress and increase the risk of developing mood disorder and anxiety.

People that sleep less are often prone to irritability, mood swings and are found angrier than others. Experts suggest that an on average an adult should sleep at least seven to eight hours to release stress and lead a healthy lifestyle.

However, at any time you are angry, go to bed and take a nap. Though the situation would exist but you won’t be angry about it anymore when you wake up.

5. Practice Meditation

Meditation is probably the best way to take care of your anger. It only takes a few minutes to perform some deep breathing and cut out stress from your life.

Meditate for about fifteen minutes each day just to relax a bit from your stressful schedule. Imagine a relaxing scene, or repeat a calming word or phrase to keep your mind cool. It will significantly reduce your stress and allow you to have inner peace.

So make sure that you practice meditation every day, as it will help you to relax and get your anger under control.

6. Talk to a Friend

If you continually get angry over things talk to someone about it. A friend can help you to steam off and control the anger that you get often. Talk to your friend about things that are bothering you in life – things that are making you putting you in anger.

When an individual is angry, they are unable to think logically, also incapable of seeing the other side of the problem. That is where a friend can help you.


He or she can understand a situation much better from the outside and give you useful suggestions to deal with a situation in a better way. Moreover, by discussing your issues you will automatically feel relieved from the state of stress that might be causing you stress.

7. Address Situation Immediately

If someone is acting in a way that is annoying you or doing something that bothers you, then talk to them about it right away. You may not know that anger builds up and explode expectedly. Therefore, there is no point holding back and fueling your anger to burst out at a later stage.

Approach the individual or a situation that is causing you trouble and get it resolved without delay. This way you can keep yourself away from getting angry and prevent a possible quarrel.

8. Seek Professional Help

In case, you are unable to control your anger and it has started to make your life difficult, it’s wise to consult a professional. Getting professional help is something that should be on your list if you are unable to manage stress doing things in your own way.

There are many anger management classes and groups that you can participate in. Join one of them and become a more controlled individual. Don’t be afraid to seek help as it is better for your own good.

Avoiding seeking professional help will only make things worse for you and can bring you more trouble.

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