7 Unique Ways to Help You Stay Healthy This Winter

Each autumn people across the country think they are ready for winter storms and extreme cold temperatures. They winterize their vehicles, stock up on supplies in case of power outages, prepare for emergencies, and perhaps make reparations or alterations on some of the outside and exposed areas of their homes.

However, people often forget to winterize themselves and the inside of the house. Colder temperatures mean more time indoors, potentially more exposure to viruses and germs, and changes in normal healthy routines. Nevertheless, here are 7 unique ways to help you stay healthy this winter.


Although it may be too cold outside to go for a run or a walk, maintaining a fitness program through the winter months is key to health. Even if you are stuck indoors, options include fitness DVDs, exercise video games, inexpensive home equipment, or enrolling at a local gym or workout facility.

Eat a Healthy Diet

The colder months are a great time to bake and cook without worrying about heating up the house. Explore the cornucopia of winter selections of fruits and vegetables at the supermarket and add them to favorite dishes.

Stay Warm and Dry

If you do need to go outside, be sure to dress appropriately in order to avoid getting chilled or damp.

Wash Hands Often

In spite of our best efforts, winter months means increased exposure to bacteria, allergens, and viruses. Critical to prevention is reducing the opportunity to spread germs by washing hands thoroughly.

Hire a Carpet Cleaner

Similar to washing our hands and keeping our bodies healthy, reducing potential allergens in the house is crucial for winter health. According to Grimebusters Ltd., regular vacuuming helps, but in order to remove bacteria, allergens, and other microscopic threats that thrive in carpets, having them professionally cleaned reduces the risk of exposure.

Prevent Falls and Injuries

Icy conditions increase the risk of falls and injuries especially for children and seniors. Make sure that walkways are treated with sand, dirt, cat litter, or salt. Avoid unnecessary trips outdoors whenever possible if the weather poses any danger.

Reduce Stress

After the holiday season is over, many of us are left tired and stressed. Take some time to relax, get a massage, listen to music, meditate, curl up with a good book, drink some herbal tea, and get plenty of rest.

The winter months are a great time to spend time with friends and family and to catch up on indoor activities. Ensuring that the inside of your home is ready is critical to staying healthy.

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