7 Things That Can Make You Fail Your Examinations


Almost every student when writing their examinations aims to achieve the highest marks. They strive a lot to do well, still find themselves achieving poor grades and even failing their exams.

Being a student, you may have prioritized your studies and burn the midnight oil for your assessments, yet you failed. Failures in exams are usually caused by factors both internal and external. However, these factors should never be your excuses to justify your failure.

In this article, I’ve listed seven things that make you fail your examinations.

1. Poor Time Management

Probably this is one of the common reasons for students failing in their examinations – something that can also be a reason for your recent failure.

Ineffective time management is the single biggest reason why students are unable to do well in their examinations. They are unable to utilize their time efficiently and are not able to get things done in the available time frame, which often puts them into a struggle.

On the other hand, effective time management is crucial to balance all the tasks at hands to do well in your assessments. Learning how to manage multiple things at a time is a skill that must be learned to avoid failures.

Realizing that you have poor time management skills is important and even more important is making efforts to find improvements at it.

2. Procrastination

Leaving a task for tomorrow that can be done today does not exist in the success formula. Dragging things to the last minute won’t give you success in your examinations.

Students that procrastinate aren’t able to get things done at the right time, and in the right way. Their habit of procrastination not only makes their academic life difficult but at times puts them into a state of stress, depression, and nervousness.

Take a close look at your habits, maybe its procrastination that is the culprit of your poor academic performance.


3. Over-confidence

Confidence in your abilities is essential to do well in your assessments; on the other hand, over-confidence can surprise you with poor results. At times students think that they know everything; hence they study less or don’t study at all. That is when they are over-confident about themselves.

They believe even if they don’t study much they would still be able to do well in their examinations. This overconfident behaviour puts them in a lot of trouble when they encounter questions that they have less or no knowledge at all, ultimately making them fail exams.

Therefore, keep your confidence at a moderate level and don’t believe you know everything that is going to come in your examinations.

4. Poor Exam Taking Strategies

Exam attempting strategies play a huge role in its success or failure. No matter how well you know a subject and how well you have prepared for your assessment. If you don’t know the right exam taking strategies you could end up losing a lot of valuable marks.

A student should learn how to start and end his exam, how to present information in an appealing form, how to manage time to complete his paper properly, how to attempt it properly to make it look appear and sound more meaningful to the checker.

So the next time you appear in your examination make sure that are well-aware of the right exam paper writing strategies, to avoid losing valuable marks that may lead you towards a failure.

5. Can’t Make Good Study Notes

Creating good study notes have proven to be very helpful when it comes to finding success in your exams. Students that aren’t able to write good notes often struggle to revise and understand what is taught to them in the class.

Good notes are the ones that contain all that you need to learn. They contain key information regarding a topic as well as important points that one always needs to keep in mind.

And when a student doesn’t know how to make such notes they end up getting poor grades in their exams. That is because they aren’t able to revise their study material in a better way and appear in their examinations without being fully prepared.

If you also struggle to make good study notes learn how to create them and avoid getting into the embarrassment of failing in your examinations.


6. Lack of Concentration

Students of today are in the heaps of technology and distractions. From smartphones, social media to the TV, all contribute a lot to break their study concentration.

Students are found putting less concentration on their studies because they are distracted by many things. They are not able to concentrate well on their studies because their attention is time and again captured by things that are way less important than their studies.

Being unable to concentrate well on their studies ultimately puts them in a situation where they aren’t able to prepare well for their examinations. Lack of concentration makes them find less time in academic matters causing them to fail their exams.

Make sure that you keep yourself away from all types of distractions so you can concentrate well on your studies and avoid making it one of the reasons for failing in your exams.

7. Wrong Study Strategies

How you study plays a major role in your academic performance. And unfortunately a number of students don’t know how to study properly.

Plenty of students think writing notes and reading them is enough, while they forget it’s imperative to learn and understand the concepts if they want to find success in their exams. Therefore, their wrong study strategy leads them towards academic failures.

You need to spend time understanding all the concepts in a proper way. You need to make sure that you remember all the key points discussed in a topic. You need to practice different types of questions before appearing in your exams.

Don’t let wrong study strategies become a reason for failure in your exams.

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