7 Cool Microsoft Office Alternatives to Try On Mac

Once you lay your hands on a Mac, and gradually you get used to it, the chances of you missing out on the Windows operating system is quite less.

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But if you need to work with Microsoft Office Suite, having to buy it all over again in a new operating system can be a hassle.

Although you don’t have much of an option if you are working in a traditional office environment, then letting go of Word and Excel might be out of the question but if you are not trapped with obligations like that and you need to edit and send Office documents once in a while, you don’t need to shell out on Microsoft Office and alternate options can be relied on.

Google Suite

Google has Google Docs, Slides and Sheets in its arsenal that are worthy adversaries for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. However, Gmail is the only alternatives for Outlook available, OneNote on Mac is available for free.


This is a widely recognized program for Mac as it’s the best open source alternative to Microsoft Office Suite. It comes with offline desktop apps that are equipped with pro features.

iWork Suite

Although it’s not within the range of Microsoft Office Suite, Apple’s alternative included in iWork has all the basics covered.

Numbers, Pages, and Keynote are Mac-centric apps with a different user interface. However, instead of being top-heavy, the options show up in a contextual menu on the side. Documents in Office formats can be imported and exported.

Office Online

office 365

Office Online is Microsoft’s free and essential service that works in any browser. Although the feature is set to limit, the basics of document editing, spreadsheet formulas and presentation options are available.

Edit Office Documents in DropBox

Having a Microsoft account will only gain you access to Word, Excel or PowerPoint document on DropBox. This is as a result of Microsoft’s partnership with DropBox.

Ditch PowerPoint for Better Online Tools

To stand out during your presentation and leave a better impression than one that was made with PowerPoint, a few of the new presentation tools found online are listed below:

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This is used to create beautiful presentations and presented online using the account. You will need a paid account for you to be able to export the documents.


It has an extensive library of presentation templates which is only available in the online image editor. Additionally, Canva gives you all the essential tools for creating a customized presentation.


Even though it is geared towards startups, the visual tools that are available for use and its capabilities are way beyond PowerPoint.

Embrace Markdown

Are you getting used to how simple Mac is? And would you like to take it a little further? Using Markdown that lets you create and edit everyday text documents.

Markdown is more like syntax with the likes of HTML, but it’s simpler. When you use this app to write, you don’t get lost in dozens of menu options. All the formatting happens using shortcodes.

For example, you can use asterisks (*) to turn a word into italics. You can use it to create a complex formatted document without having to leave the keyboard. It exports file as clean HTML, and it can also generate beautiful PDF’s using apps like Ulysses.

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