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6 Tips on How to Stay Sane During Studying in College

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College can be very hard on a student. Finishing every task in time and preparing for exams is never easy, but it is very close to physical torture when you have to do it all within a very short timeframe.

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In such times, students feel overwhelmed and desperately seek a way to stay sane until the end of the year. If you are having such struggles with your college obligations, here are some things you can do.

1. Make Your Own Schedule and Stick to It

timetableOrganization is essential when you have so many tasks to finish within a short timeframe. One of the most important skills a student needs to stay sane during college is organization. ‘’One of the first things every college student must do is make their own schedule. I am not talking about the classes and exam schedules – they are set and everyone has them. I am talking about an individual schedule for all tasks that need to be done, including breaks’’ – says Wayne Bolt, content writer at Rush My Essay.

In order to be able to tackle the course load and pass all those exams, you need to make a plan. This plan will help you meet deadlines and get some time for yourself. Instead of just running toward your degree with no plan in mind, a weekly or monthly schedule can do all the difference for you.

But, the important thing here is to stick to it. All your efforts will be in vain if you don’t stick to the schedule you make. To avoid procrastination and make it easier for you to follow it, don’t be too harsh on yourself. Allow for some flexibility in your schedule.

2. Make Friends

Friends are the best thing that can happen to you in college and not only because you can borrow notes from them or have a study group. Having friends nearby will help you alleviate all the stress and have a companion that will help you overcome the homesick feeling. And who knows – the friends you make here might just be the best friends you will ever have!

3. Find Some ‘’You’’ Time

Carve out some time for yourself in your schedule. You cannot possibly expect that your body and brain will be at their best at all times and that you can study and work without taking a break.

The time you carve out for yourself is the time you will use to refresh and re-power your brain. It can be something as simple as lying in bed watching your favorite TV show, skyping with your family back home, or going out with friends. Your options are limitless. But, whatever you choose, always have some ‘’you’’ time.

4. Exercise

yogaHitting the gym is never a bad idea, and we are not only saying this because of the benefits it brings in terms of health or physical appearance. Exercise is an excellent way to reduce the stress from college and is known to boost your motivation and energy like nothing else can.

Whenever you can, exercise. You don’t really have to carve out hours from your schedule for this – exercise can take 15 to 30 minutes if done regularly. If you don’t want to join the gym, you can always choose activities like yoga or Pilates, go running or swimming, or even make some ‘more passive exercise changes’ in your daily routines. Use the stairs instead of the elevator, take a morning walk with your pet, don’t take the bus to class but walk instead, etc.


5. Eat and Sleep

One of the biggest problems college students share is lack of sleep and proper nutrition. College means a busy life, which makes it very tempting to eat fast food or order takeout every single day. No one says you should never do this, but try to eat some brain foods to boost your health and energy levels.

Whenever you can, prepare some easy healthy meal for yourself. You can even prepare some meals ahead before an exam week and consume them instead of fast food or take-outs. Fruits and vegetables don’t even need preparation and they are excellent sources of fiber and other beneficial ingredients!

Most importantly, never skip a meal. Even if you cannot prepare something healthy, buy the healthiest thing you can find. Your body and brain will need the energy, and food is the way to get it.

Sleep is also highly important for your energy. If you want to survive the tough college days, you cannot expect to learn something after a two-hour sleep. It is sometimes better to sleep off until you are rested and work on your assignments later, than to spend hours unsuccessfully trying to focus on something.

6. Get Rid of Distractions

If you enrolled in college just recently, you are most likely a millennial. Millennials are very attached to technology, which makes them the victims of distractions. Yes, technology can help you a lot in college, but it can also be the culprit for not having some free time or following your schedule.

When the time comes for you to finish some task for college, turn off your phone and every other distraction. With nothing disturbing you, you can finish your tasks faster and have the time for yourself. As soon as you are done, you can turn everything back on and enjoy your free time without having to stress over deadlines and exams.

Do you have other ways to deal with college assignments? Remember that your success will mostly depend on your efforts, but these tips should help you alleviate the stress and finish college without too much trouble.

Author Bio:
Brandon Stanley
Brandon Stanley is a professional journalist at rushmyessay.co.uk. He is interested in writing articles concerning self-growth and education. Apart from that, Brandon loves traveling and playing the piano. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Making schedule is definitely one thing but following what you scheduled is what makes it work. And also, having time for yourself definitely is needed to keep one sane in whatever situations or state. Thank you for sharing this. I will share this with others as well.


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