6 Tips on How to Keep Your Refrigerator Working In Summer

Now that temperatures are rising high, it is a good idea that you should consider the maintenance of your freezer and refrigerator during these days scorching days of summer.

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We all know that the most used appliance in any home in Pakistan is the refrigerator and air conditioner in summer.

Therefore, this is the perfect time for you show it some love! If your refrigerator stops working abruptly during this season, surely it could end up costing you almost thousands and hundreds for food spoilt.

If you wish to keep your refrigerators running efficiently and if you want to extend the life of your most working out appliance, then here are six tips on how you can keep your refrigerator working this season.

1. Check the Seals of the Door

If you have, an?ICEAGE refrigerator?or any branded one, a great way to ensure its working condition is to keep an eye on the seals.

A refrigerator with a loose seal allows cool air to slip out easily, and waste energy, which causes the refrigerator to work harder than it should. Before closing the doors, make sure that the seals are free from any form of food residue.

Before summer, and at least twice in a year, you should use a toothbrush along with a solution of water, and baking soda to wipe the seals clean.

You can also use the ?money note? trick to check the condition of the seals, which involves you to close the door so the note goes half in and half out. If it slips out easily, it means you need to call in a pro to check it out for you.

2. Ensure the Coils are Clean

No doubt, when the condenser coils are covered with dust, your refrigerator will not run efficiently. At least twice in a year, you should pull the refrigerator away from the wall and snap away the grill to let the coils shown in the back.

Unplug your refrigerator from the socket and use a vacuum with a brush attachment to push the debris away. Keep in mind that when the coils are dusty, the refrigerator produces less cooling, or stops cooling eventually.

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3. Set the Appropriate Temperature

These days, refrigerators have become a part of the modern era. You can find different brands that have digital display screens to show the temperature, as well as give you the option to set the temperature to a cooling temperature of your preference.

To keep the food fresh inside, it is recommended that you should keep it at 3 degrees Celsius or 38 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, set the freezer at zero degrees. If your refrigerator does not have a digital display, you can have a good thermometer and keep in the fridge or freezer for an hour to note the temperature.

4. Make Sure to fill it up

Whether you are the sort who loves cooking or the working type who spends all the day out, know that refrigerators need more thermal mass (more stuff inside) to maintain their low temperatures for a longer time.

The more stuff you add in the refrigerator the easier it becomes for it to bounce back to its cool state from the frequent opening of the door. Since cool drinks and foods absorb the cooling, this helps to retain the cooling when opening the doors often.

If you don?t have a big family, or lead a bachelor?s life and keep less food in the refrigerator, you can keep in jugs or bottles of water.

5. Keep Your Refrigerator in a Well-Aerated Space

In summer, we know how hot it becomes in Pakistan, and soon, most of your appliances would stop working because of the constant load shedding.

To make sure your refrigerators last you through the hot days, keep it in a well-aerated space. This ensures airflow and keeps it running efficiently through the day.

6. Regularly Call Professionals to Check its Working Condition

If your refrigerator is making noise, this is a warning that something is not right. Once this happens, do not wait until it stops working. Call in an appliance repairing service to help you tackle the problem before summer comes in full force.

If you wish to save money by avoiding buying a new refrigerator, take your time to investigate the noises at once.

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Maintaining your refrigerators in summer can be a difficult job, especially when you have no clue on how to go about this issue. With hot days spread almost throughout the year, taking care of your refrigerator is a vital task.

If you follow these tips, your refrigerators could last you well through summer as well as other seasons to come without making a big hole through your pockets.

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