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6 Ideas for Decorating a New York Apartment for Christmas

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There’s no other holiday like Christmas, and nowhere celebrates Christmas quite like New York. The Big Apple is the setting of countless Christmas stories and movies.

This is a holiday of joy . . . unless you’re stuck in a cramped New York apartment with no space for a tree. Read on for tips on how to make the most of your space.

Space Is What You Make of It

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So your apartment is small — that doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on Christmas decorations. Take time to explore the possibilities and limitations of your space. Start by walking around and taking note of what you have.

Are there any unused corners? Empty window sills? What places would look cramped if you overdecorate? Where can you add warmth?

Alternative Trees

So your apartment can’t house a tree — there are plenty of ways to have a tree without taking a trip to the tree farm. You can get a small tabletop tree, or you might consider draping lights around an existing plant.

You can even fasten birch branches to your wall using a low-impact adhesive, then strings lights and ornaments across them to create a Christmas tree.

Deck the Walls

Your walls are a blank canvas for your Christmas creativity, offering a unique way of reinventing traditional decorations without taking up any extra space.

You could make bunting or more traditional decorations, like dried orange slices and cinnamon. There are many inventive way to create garlands to hang across your walls.

Christmas Jars

Stuffing a jar full of your favorite Christmas decorations helps pack extra Christmas spirit into a smaller space, making this quick and easy DIY project extremely apartment-friendly.

Birch, ornaments, tinsel, pinecones, nuts, glitter — the possibilities are endless. No two Christmas jars are exactly alike.

If you really want to stand out, drill a small hole in the top of your jar so Christmas lights can be fed into the jar from the connected outlet. These luminous jars work great as decorations and ambient lighting for a small room.

Light It Up

Nothing says Christmas more than Christmas lights. Luckily, these bright and beautiful bulbs take up very little space. Regardless of how small your apartment is, you can easily string lights to create a luminous, wintry effect that will leave your guests speechless.

And if you go for simple white lights, strings of lanterns, or soft fairy lights, you can leave them up all year round. There are plenty of unique lighting options you can find online.

Use the Ceiling

Another area you can make extra use of is your ceiling. Mistletoe is a classic Christmas tradition that takes minutes to hang and might even lead to a kiss. Silver streamers can also be fastened to the ceiling for a makeshift blizzard that lends the room a frozen aura.

Just because your apartment is small doesn’t mean that your Christmas spirit can’t be big! These six ideas for decorating a New York apartment are sure to enhance your living space during the Yuletide season.

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