6 Actionable Tips to Lead a Healthier Life

Learning how to lead a “healthy” life can be an overwhelming task when you consider how many different ways there are to be healthy.

So, where do you start? If you are wanting to make a lifestyle change in order to lead a healthier life, follow these 6 steps in order to achieve a healthier life.

#1 Make time for meditation

Many times, mornings can feel hectic. Take your time to wake up by setting a gradual alarm that wakes you up slowly rather than all at once.

This can help you to feel more rested, instead of feeling jolted awake. When you are fully awake, before doing anything else, find a comfortable position either sitting or laying and take the first ten minutes of the day to meditate.

Set your intentions for the day and clear your mind. Focus on remaining present and letting your mind stay clear for those ten minutes.

Meditation is a way to lower your blood pressure, manage stress, and strengthen your immune system, among other things. Setting your intentions for the day leads you to set actionable goals for yourself and to be happier throughout your day.

#2 Move your body

Exercising just thirty minutes per day can help fight off several different illnesses and diseases, most importantly cardiovascular disease, which is the leading cause of death. Additionally, getting your heart rate up helps relieve stress and sends endorphins to your brain, boosting your mood.

Doing any sort of exercise for 30 minutes a day can lead to a significantly higher quality of life in terms of your health.

Find an exercise style you like, switch it up every day, stay indoors, go outside, or just walk. It doesn’t really matter how you move your bods, just that you DO move it!

If you have trouble finding time to exercise before or after work or school, reframe the way you think about it. Eat lunch at your desk and take a thirty-minute break afterward to walk around your building or outside to help promote good digestion.


Set an alarm thirty minutes before you normally wake up for school to give you some time to stretch and do a small cardio set after your morning meditation.

#3 Eat more whole foods

We see diet advice all over television, the internet, and the news. With such an overwhelming amount of information, it can be difficult to decipher what is the best advice to follow.

However, it can be as simple as just sticking to eating whole foods. Things that are not modified when found in nature are always healthy and give you more nutritional value than canned, preserved, or frozen foods.

In today’s age, it can be somewhat hard to find whole foods in the grocery store anymore. It seems like almost everything has been made to eat for convenience rather than to eat for nutritional value. Buy the majority of your groceries in the produce section.

Fresh fruits and vegetables provide a variety of nutrients and antioxidants needed to maintain a healthy diet. Buying items with only natural ingredients listed under the ingredients section is another way to consume only whole foods that aren’t produce.

#4 Get outside

Sometimes our days can feel so busy it seems like we can’t make time for almost anything. A great way to take a break and reset is to get outside.

Whether where you live is hot, cold, or in between, taking time to go outside everyday has plenty of health benefits. To keep your skin healthy and protected from the sun’s harmful rays, don’t forget to put on sunscreen before you venture into the outdoors.

Taking the time to spend about thirty minutes outside can help boost your health and even more so your mental health.

Taking the time to connect with nature, whether it be the trees in your neighborhood, the ocean, a nice hiking trail, or just sitting in the grass for a while can help you stay grounded in the present.

Using your time outside to appreciate nature and be thankful of the present moment helps eliminate feelings of anxiety and depression.


#5 Sleep better

Falling or staying asleep can be difficult for everyone at times. We all know that getting 6-8 hours of sleep each day is within the healthy range, so how do we ensure we get all our sleep hours each day?

Setting healthy nighttime routines can lead to better sleep and therefore a more productive day. Keeping your bed separate from your daily activities can be a great first step in helping you to sleep better.

By only sleeping in your bed at night, not for naps, not sitting in bed to eat, etc., can help you to trick your mind into recognizing your bed as the place where you go to sleep deeply. If you use your bed for a variety of activities, it can be hard for your subconscious to differentiate and lead to sleep issues.

You can also have nightly in-bed routines such as stretching, journaling, and listening to the same soothing music each night before bed.

By keeping a nighttime schedule, you start to train your body to know when to start shutting down for the night and fall asleep faster. This leads to consistent sleep and ultimately to better health.

#6 Create a Checklist

If you’re stressed out because you have a great number of errands to run or you have too many tasks to complete at work, you should create a checklist.

It might seem like another unnecessary task to do, but checklists can actually help you prioritize what needs to get completed, therefore keeping your mental health in check by maintaining your stress levels.

By listing out what you plan to complete that day, you’ll know exactly what you need to tackle head-on, versus stressing yourself out about what you’re going to do first.

Start out with listing tasks that need to be completed by the end of the day and work your way down. Taking ownership of your checklist and checking off each task is going to make you feel much more productive and motivated as the day goes on.

These steps are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of ways to better your health. The 6 above tips are a great place to start after choosing to make a lifestyle change.


Start by concentrating on your mental health, diet, sleep, and stress and you’ll soon be on your way to leading an incredibly healthy life.

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Samantha Rupp holds a BS in Business Administration and is a contributing editor for 365BusinessTips.com as well as a marketing expert for Layla Sleep. She lives in San Diego, California and enjoys traveling, spending time on the beach and reading up on business industry trends. Feel free to connect with her on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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