5 Successful Tactics to Get Rid of Your Bug Infestation

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You don’t have to run a restaurant for rodents to upend your business. An infestation of rats, mice or insects is more than enough to chase off customers, spook staff members and earn your location a bad reputation, no matter the industry.

Fortunately, pest control for businesses often requires little more than a good plan, a few key supplies and the will to win. Here are five useful tips to manage your insect issues.

Eliminate Their Resources

Pests enter buildings for two primary reasons: Food and water. That’s why the first step in minimizing problems is getting rid of what’s attractive to the intruders. Be sure that food scraps aren’t available, whether it’s in a break room, a kitchen or near trash disposal areas.

Similarly, watch out for evidence of leaks, standing water or other sources of hydration. Not only are these big draws for insects and wildlife, they’re also common sources of mold, which can quickly compound a pest problem.

Conventional Control Products

Poisons and traps can help deplete the pest population in your building, when used effectively. This means mapping out where the offenders have been spotted and employing products according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

When used in conjunction with a stringent cleaning process, this can be a solid approach to insect or rodent removal.

Train Extra Eyes

Who’s present at your place of business more than your employees? Training workers to spot signs of an infestation is a smart way to snuff out major problems before they start. Depending on your building, you might instruct staffers to look out for:

  • Insects
  • Rodents or droppings
  • Wildlife or insect nests
  • Holes in walls, scratch marks, damage from chewing, etc.

If you spot any of these signs of an infiltration, be sure to contact professionals right away.

Perform Extensive Screening

In addition to spotting signs of trouble, employees should be instructed in proper control of returned merchandise, where applicable. When textiles, furniture or clothing are brought back to a store, there’s always danger of on board pests, like mites or bed bugs.

Determine how to isolate or treat materials promptly and ensure that only qualified persons handle materials brought in from outside. Keep eye especially with the fruit in summer it decomposes much faster, and the flies use their remains to put the eggs inside.


Do not give them these facilities: wrap the remains of fruit well and throw them into a container well away from the house.

Wash the dishes immediately after using them. Sweep the floors well and try to remove more often the trash from the house, so that its smell cannot attract the insects inland.

Seal the Perimeter

It might seem academic, but you must maintain a tightly-sealed building to keep pests from coming back. Miami pest control companies inspect windows, vents and pipe stanchions for gaps or signs of vulnerability.

Install or replace door sweeps to eliminate gaps at the floor. Review your roof, walls and foundational elements for cracks or other signs of damage.

Remember, keeping pests out is always easier than actively removing them. The crumbs on the table, soil and garbage containers are like the sacred manna of the heavens for any insect.

If you do not want columns of ants or fly battalions plowing through your domestic skies into your living room or your kitchen, clean the remains of food well after preparing and serving provisions. It is not a supernatural phenomenon, but very, very natural: the flies go towards the light.

Knowing that and playing with lights, doors, windows, curtains and blinds, you can become a fantastic fly trainer and show them the way … to the outside of your house!

To do this, check that there are no flies in the rooms and closing the accesses to them, using the lights of others or from the outside as runways to guide them.

The best solution is to use the flashlight of your mobile from outside to attract them to you. When storing bread, pastries, cookies and other foods rich in carbohydrates – which make our flying enemies absolutely crazy – seal it tightly with kitchen film and store it well.

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