Infographic: 5 Sports Stars Who Went Bankrupt Because of Gambling

Gambling has grown at an unprecedented rate over the last few decades and is an increasingly popular recreational activity. While it was once illegal or viewed as a disgraceful activity, social norms have shifted significantly, and gambling is now more popular than ever.

The team at Casino Sites made an infographic showing that gambling has a special appeal to celebrities. With their endless wads of cash and million-dollar pay cheques, their gambling can easily turn into a full-blown addiction problem.

Here are five sports stars who went bankrupt due to gambling addiction.

John Daly

John Patrick Daly is an American professional golfer. He is known for being exceptional on the course and is simply one of the unique sportsmen of the last century. Like many rich sportsmen, however, Daly has a laundry list of vices, from drinking to smoking and most notable of all — gambling.

In a series of frank and unexpectedly open interviews, Daly has revealed the impact that gambling addiction has made on his life. According to him, he lost over $50 million and has been reduced to selling golf gear to earn a living.

He might have curbed his gambling issues, but the swinger’s once great career, just like many others, has been ruined by the gambling addiction.

Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson is an American former pro basketball player. He played for 14 seasons in the NBA and is affectionately nicknamed “The Answer.” While his addiction is hardly news, it seems new stories come out every week. The former athlete’s issues are far deeper than he initially let on.

Iverson reportedly has both drinking and gambling issues which are tearing his life and family apart, as his wife has filed for divorce. His addiction has also seen him banned from casinos in Atlantic City and Detroit.

Partly due to the NBA’s loose laws on drinking and gambling, Iverson is just one of the many current NBA stars with gambling problems and no post-playing plan.

Dennis Rodman

Dennis Keith Rodman is also a former NBA player. He is well known for fierce defensive and rebounding abilities, and was nicknamed “The Worm.” Rodman is reportedly broke and has spent almost all of his fortune at casinos and bars.


He joins a long list of ballers to make an astronomical fortune only to squander it under questionable circumstances. He reportedly owes nearly $1 million in child support and will need over five decades to raise the money he owes on his current wages.

Charles Barkley

Charles Wade Barkley is yet another retired professional basketball player who is currently an analyst for the NBA. The gambling escapades of Charles are more open and public than the other stars on this list.

He spoke about it during an interview with Seth Davis where he projected that he had lost nearly half of his fortune to gambling.

This money is equivalent to just about everything the ex-basketballer made from his playing days. He has also landed himself in hot water recently as he’s been sued by a Las Vegas casino for gambling debts of about $400,000.

Denny McLain

Dennis  McLain is a former professional baseball player. He was a pitcher in MLB and, like the other athletes on this just, was quite adept in his field. His case, however, is the most curious as he has repeatedly landed himself in hot water with authorities throughout his life.

He was suspended from all baseball activities for gambling and match-fixing similar to Pete Rose, and his suspension meant he could not practice or play for any team. However, this was just a fraction of his problems as he has since gone in to spend time in and out of prison for charges of racketeering and drug trafficking.

To learn more about other celebrities and their gambling habits, check out the infographic that follows.

Celebrities and Gambling Addiction


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