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5 Signs That You Are Dating a Fuck Boy

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There is no doubt that sex is one of the most glorious things that bot partner can enjoy as long as it is what both partners want.

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When you get into the whole experience it should be with someone that you are not ashamed of.  However, you will realize that not everyone who gets intimate is not only respectful but also free-thinking individuals.

It is very crucial to be aware of individual especially men who take advantage of a woman through sex, a person who not only encourage a woman to take charge of the process but also not fancy going out with a woman just because of the body count.

Someone who will just get to bed with you with a mindset that sex is no such a big deal and in the same scenario try to remind you of the same. As if that is not enough they will try to make you feel like that porn star in the movies by trying some stunt that he has just witnessed a few days.

Most of them will want to get down to a woman and expect the partner to jump up and above about the whole excitement is just a fraction of minute. Here are some of the signs that you are dating a wrong partner.

Keeps on sending his dick pictures

The whole idea of having sex is generally to have a good time and as well celebrating your body. It is no offense that some have taken the whole experience a notch higher by taking pictures of themselves to an extent of sharing them on some of the blogs around.

This has been witnessed in Tumblr and Twitter with #NSFW. Regardless of the fact that this whole experience is a good idea be very careful with someone who just sends you a picture of their body without your consent.

Encourages Kinky sex

Yes, kinky is very good sometimes but not to some extent that one feels like they are being punished.

The moment you feel that you are not comfortable with a certain play or move and your partner does not agree with you but keep on advocating for the same, then it is about time you hit the road. This is the point that you will realize that he is not a kinky person but just disrespectful.

Make you feel bad for not advocating some endeavors

The endeavor mentioned above being in a polyamorous relationship there is a very big percentage of the population that is more than happy in being in this kind of relationship.


However, it is good to understand that it only works when both partners are okay with it. your partner should let you know and ensure that you are comfortable with the whole idea and not just impose it on you.

Always in your business

There is a very big difference between being in love with invading your partner’s personal space. you will realize that even some of the horniest couples will at one point or the other need their personal space and this should be respected.

No one should always be in your business and expect you to be okay with it, make sure that your partner is very open and receptive when they want to make any move.

Too Much Dirty Talk

Dirty talk is another way of having to enjoy the whole sex life experiences and it is a great way to have a better orgasm, but not when it is too much. This is especially when your partner sounds like he is insulting you in the process. that should not be encouraged. It is very important to have a boundary on how far the dirty talk should go.

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