5 Reason Antibacterial Cleaning Products Should Be Part of Your Home


For any household one of the most important things to consider is the cleaning products that they keep in their house.

It is a basic principle of home hygiene that you carefully select your cleaning products and make sure that you use them correctly and affectively to keep yourself and your family safe.

At Propolis Australia you will find a complete range of cleaning products that are of high quality and help you in keeping your house germs free. In this article we will 5 reason antibacterial cleaning products should be part of your home.

  1. Although simple soap and water are enough to clean any surface or area, they only make the area appear cleaner. They just make the surface shine a bit but they are really in affective when it comes to killing germs. For any area that needs to be germ-free soap and water are not enough these areas must be cleaned with one of the antibacterial cleaning product as offered by Propolis Australia. If you are still only relying on soap and water, we urge you to reconsider your choices for the health and safety of your loved ones.
  2. Germs spread fast and they can make anyone in the house seriously ill. A single bacterium has the ability to multiply 8 million times in one day only. These bacteria can spread to the people in the house making them seriously. If you want to protect yourself and your loved ones from the diseases spread by these bacteria, you need to make sure that you have antibacterial cleaning products at your home.
  3. The kitchen is one of the places in your house that needs disinfectant or antibacterial cleaning the most. There are lots of germs in the raw unclean food that can spread to different areas and make you ill. Refrigerators and handles of cupboards are the most germs affected area in any kitchen and must be cleaned regularly. Raw meat contains E coli bacteria, soft cheese contains listeria, chicken and raw eggs can spread salmonella. All of these are very dangerous germs that have the capability to spread very quickly if not killed using a high-quality antibacterial cleaning product like the ones available at Propolis Australia.
  4. Bathrooms are also a major germ affected area that needs to be disinfected very regularly by using a high-quality antibacterial cleaning product. Bathrooms provide germs with a steamy and warm environment that is loved by bacteria because it helps them in surviving for a longer period of time and helps them in spreading too. Viruses such as rotavirus, rhinovirus, and flu can develop and breed very effectively in bathrooms. These viruses can cause cold, muscle ache and vomiting. The flush and door handle in any washroom are most prone to development and spreading of these germs and bacteria and these surfaces must be disinfected once every week to make sure that the germs are killed.
  5. If you think that cleaning any surface with an antibacterial cleaning process is a hard work you are mistaken. These products come in the shape of sprays and wipes which make them ideal to be used on any surface of any shape and size. This is easier and quicker way of ensuring clean environment as compared to traditional methods of household cleaning.
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