5 Must Watch Movie in 2018

The cold is so much here and I know it may be diverse with you, well that?s just the way of seasons around us. At this period of the season, this is the best time to check on the newly released movies and those that are yet to come.

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It’s important to know which movie is going to appear in your favorite cinema screen in some few months to come before the year run out.

With almost all of 2017 excitement gone from us now that we are midway 2018, the movie industry has decided to stay alive like it was last year but this time around, it’s going to be a full house.

Yes, it’s already becoming a full house with movies already falling onto our TV screens from the hands of superstars like; Steven McQueen AKA the king of cool, Richard Stuart Linklater the realistic and natural filmmaker whose next movie ?where?d you go? will be released soon, Damien Chazelle the popular French film producer and screenwriter, Robert Zemeckis whose first hit came on the popular ?Romancing the stone? and his famous trilogy ?Back to the future?, and even more, we are already having all of the promises of 2017 coming true in the film world.

But you?d like to have a list of the latest movies in 2018 to have your picks, and for that, we have through all the trouble to bring them right on your fingertips. See below the never-to-miss movies in 2018.

Mission: Impossible Fallout

Since the fire blew off the trending mad max: furry road in 2015, Tom Cruise had been appearing as Ethan Hunt, the powerful climber and dangerous spy, in the Mission: impossible series, and still does.

In a thriller from the hands of McQuarrie, Tom Cruise was shown performing his usual role of the passionate spy Ethan hunt who risks his life and limbs making sure his missions were executed even though they all seem impossible.

Further, in the thriller, he was seen struggling to recover from a plutonium trio while keeping his relationship with his ex-wife Julia who happens to be the well-known actress Michelle Monaghan, while also keeping his eyes on Ilsa Faust the spy who happens to be actress Rebecca Ferguson, and also watching out for Augustus Walker the spy who was assigned by the CIA to kill him in case Hunt fail his mission.

And don?t forget his colleagues in the watched part in the series (Alec Baldwin, Simon Pegg, and Ving Rhames) who he has to keep his relationship good with else he lost everything.

Black Panther

The black panther is a blockbuster built around Wakanda (the African frictional nation) by Ryan Coogler. There has never been a silver lining between the collection of movies in the marvels, they are all centered on marvels standard of deep cinematics.

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The Black Panther feature Chadwick Bossman, and the best supervillain antagonist we have seen in the Marvels this year, Erik Killmonger.

Chadwick Bossman is the none king T’Challa who is the brave black panther whose ideology is to keep Wakanda (his kingdom after his father’s death) safe and in harmony within itself by secluding it from the rest of the world.

His kingship was lost to Erik Killmonger (Michael B..

The movie comes with a lot of excitement, fights, betrayal, and faith, all of which is built around the African culture to give an eye-buster we have ever seen in Marvel since two years back.

You Were Never Really Here

We all like the psychologically tasking type of movie, though most of the time what we watch is the straightforward type.

You were never really here is a story of a war vet that is mentally ill (Joaquin Phoenix) and a senator?s kidnapped daughter. Joaquin Phoenix had been an all-time pick in the heroic role since four years back.

And now he is auteur Lyn Ramsay’s (the popular Scottish known for the ? We need to talk About Kelvin) pick on this action-filled but yet gentle-in-the-eye movie.

There is a lot of bloodsheds ahead as  Joaquin fight through fighting against child abuse by bringing back the lost girl.

Joaquin went through a lot of pain and sorrow, distress and the heavy duty he has put on his shoulders amount to giving up, but he didn’t. The film comes with rushes and pause that made it barrel forward with no mayhem.

Leave No Trace

Remember Jenifer Lawrence’s Winter bone that received every views in 2010? The fictional film which paints the relationship between immortality and mortality as Lawrence had to die in the hand of a psychopathic neighbor. Well, this is almost like that one but more thrilling.

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Leave No trace brings to screen the life of a father and his daughter Lawrence. Their different lifestyle makes it a funny movie with a touch of sympathy on the father?s side. It is going to be the best family movie this year.

A Prayer Before Dawn

Getting out of the suffocating walls of Thai prison is not as easy as getting inside of it. This is well portrayed by Billy Moore (Joe Cole) in the daring release of 2018; A prayer before dawn.

The movie brings to play the rugged life of the Thai prison which is painted by rape, theft, fight, and brutality. Moore got himself in the drug business as a drug abuser and couldn?t get away from it even when he wanted to, but due to threats from fellow businessmen and gangsters whom he supplies drugs.

So he had to adapt to the prison wall, get into the prison ring to fight everyday. Apart from the ring fights, there are more to be witnessed between the prisoners with each of them forming separate gangs.

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