3 Signs Of Dangerous Mold – Don’t Let Mold Ruin Your Home!

Moldy Apartment

Mold growth is dangerous as it can easily damage your home and trigger health issues for your family members. Whether mold is visible or invisible, you should consider immediately removing them when you notice signs of mold growth.

Mold could be lurking out of view or appear on your wall, ceiling or floor.

Water problems

Mold growth can be quite unpredictable, and the only sure way of identifying its presence is looking out for signs. Moisture and food sources can easily promote mold growth from anywhere in your home.

A moist environment is an excellent breeding ground for mold. Leakages, as well as improper attic ventilation, could easily initiate development of mold.

Excess moisture

Look out for excess moisture and water spots around your house and get rid of them before the mold problem becomes serious.

Seeking help from a professional home inspector prevents the mold problem from escalating. You can use a dehumidifier to get rid of excess moisture in rooms and areas that feel dump and too moist.


Previous or present flooding incidents an also result in mold growth in your home. Mold could easily take root after clearing floods especially in rooms that water settled longest.

The basement being the last place to be cleared during a flood could have mold growth once the water is drained out. Seeking preventive measures in time saves you money and protects your property from mold damage.


Water leakage is a common cause of excess moisture that results in mold growth. When there is a roof leakage, consider starting to look at where the leakage originated for mold growth.

Because the roof is not easy to reach, hire a professional mold removal company to help you inspect your home.


Reaction to Mold


Healthy people can have dangerous symptoms triggered by the presence of mold at home. Some of these symptoms include difficulty breathing, compromised immune system and flu-like symptoms.

Children, pets, and older people are most vulnerable to mold triggered allergies and care should be taken to ensure the condition does not worsen.

The American Veterinary Medical Association advice homeowners to take care during a mold attack as pets have a more sensitive respiratory system. When your pet inhales mold, it is recommended that you take them to vet for check up as it might result in serious health problems.

Mold can easily result in respiratory problems for humans and pets alike. The flu-like symptoms you should look out for include coughing, sneezing, exhaustion, nausea, running nose and wheezing for pets. Exposure to mold can also result in skin and eye irritation. Quick removal prevents more serious health issues.

Immediately you realize that your home might have mold growth, schedule a home inspection with a professional mold removal company to ensure the effects are combated before the growth gets out of hand.

When mold growth causes your allergies to flare up, ensure you also seek medical attention before chronic problems are exacerbated. A professional mold removal company will be sure to check all unexpected areas like under the carpet and identify even the smallest growths of mold.

Musty Smell

One of the first signs of mold growth is the distinctive earthy, pungent, mushy smell of mold. Even when you cannot see mold growth, take immediate action so that you abate the effects of mold in time.

Consider removing wallpapers, plastering, as well as tile on dump walls to find out if mold is growing the surface. Mold odor can be identified even when mold growth is hidden.

Ensure you don’t ignore this odor as early removal saves you from suffering health wise. The Nasal assault of musty odor is considered one of the first signs of mold growth and acting on it saves your home from damage.

Visual Indicators


Mold causes discoloration on walls and ceilings, making it easy to identify. Dark rings, fury growth, stains, and spots are a clear indication of mold growth in your home.


Other than black, mold could also be white, orange, brown or even green. Scheduling a home inspection with a professional mold removal company ensures that no hidden mold is left unremoved.

Mold growth could be as a result of pooling water that provides a perfect breeding ground for mold. Consider cleaning the affected area with disinfectant and scheduling a thorough home inspection with a mold removal company you trust.

When a colony of the mold is growing behind or within walls, you’ll notice bubbling, cracking or peeling of paint or wallpaper.

Warping and building of walls is a clear indicator that there is mold growing the surface of your walls. Moisture penetration into walls due to flooding or water leakage could result in mold growth within walls.

Condensation on metal pipes and glass window surfaces is a sign that the room you are in has excess moisture. Excess moisture could mean that there is mold already growing somewhere with that room or that it will happen in the near future.

A professional mold removal company ensures you curb early mold growth before it spreads through the entire house.


Poor ventilation, especially in the attic and bathroom, can easily lead to mold growth. This is especially common for new homes s they are tightly sealed. You might feel dumbness and too much humidity in a specific room when it is not properly ventilated.

Regularly cleaning ducts ensures proper air circulation inside the house to prevent accumulation of excess humidity.

The air quality of your home is important since inadequate penetration of fresh air from outside could easily result in mold growth. Ensure you hire a professional mold removal company when you notice mold at home to avoid recurrence or incomplete removal.

When treated and properly removed, mold has very slim chances of reoccurring.



Hiring a professional mold removal company ensures that you permanently remove mold to avoid future recurrence. Dangerous mold can cause serious damage when left unattended to. It is advisable to remove mold as soon as you notice their presence since they tend to spread really fast.

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