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10 Ways to Create a Comfortable Outdoor Space

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When moving into your home, it’s good to have things nice and comfy, and the outdoors should involve just as much consideration as the indoors.

Sometimes it can be a bit puzzling — what should one do with all that space? There are endless possibilities! Fortunately, we’re here to solve these problems, helping make the living space on your own.

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Let’s take a look at our 10 favorite simple ways that you can transform any dull outdoor area.

Use of Furniture

Just like inside the home, furniture makes a world of difference outside. After all, you need the outside to complement the inside. Appropriate furniture is the perfect way to do this. Will you go for something classic, comfy, timeless or something to provide a bit of contrast?

You could even create an outdoor office space with a desk to work at! The choice is yours, but make sure it’s not too different from your inside.

Of course, you will want to have furniture that works in the outdoors, but the decor should correspond with the rest of your house. Once you’ve selected great furniture, you can work on the outdoor space design and make it fit just like playing Tetris.

An Addition of Candles

A bit of fire in the outdoors is a great thing as long as it’s under control. There are many ways of making a warm ambiance other than placing an outdoor space heater.

One great idea is to use candles and put them inside lanterns or vases. By doing this, soft light will create a warm and glowing feeling at night time or during evening hours.

A Sturdy Table

When you create an outdoor living space, an addition of a sturdy table to put any beverages and snacks is a lovely touch. It gives a certain touch of class and, indeed, makes things more comfortable. Moreover, it makes your outdoor space convenient for any guests.

Adding Plants

There are a number of varieties, from vases filled with plants to hanging baskets and even some potted flowers. If you look at any outdoor living space images online, you’ll notice a series of flowers and plants dotted around any garden or porch.

Creating spaces that are green and full of life can warm up the ambiance. Choose flowers that suit the color and natural decor of your DIY outdoor living space, make sure that they can last as long as you want them.

Evergreen plants will be the least maintenance yet they may not flower, whereas flowering plants have a small lifespan, so there are different things to consider.

Throw in a Basket

A simple basket is completely multi-functional, and this is what makes them so charming. Anything can be stored within one, adding a sense of organization and beauty to an outdoor space. It’s much more classy than putting things on the floor!

Put Some Pillows

This is a trick to bring warmth to an outdoor space. Pillows will make things very comfortable, and you can choose different ones to suit various purposes of your space.

For instance, if you are into bright colors, a couple of colorful cushions dotted around the area will bring a lovely light and glow to your outdoor space.

Adding Blankets

It is not uncommon to relax on the porch or in your garden during evening times, especially if you’re making it an outdoor reading space. Pick out a selection of comfortable blankets so that you can curl up under the stars when it gets cool. You’ll never want to leave this place and get into bed!

Edible Herbs

By growing a few edible herbs in your outdoor space, this gives both beauty and edible additions to cook up in the kitchen.

There are many herbs such as rosemary and mint that lasts all year, even throughout the winter months. Herbs smell amazing and look pretty too — sticking a few in a pot is a no-brainer!

An Outdoor Bar

Any guests coming to your place would love a refreshing drink. How classy is it to have a bar outside? The answer is, very. Why go inside when you can have everything you need within your outdoor area? It’s all about convenience.

Thinking About Lighting

The lighting that you have outdoors will really shape an area’s mood. There are many options to consider, such as timed lights that can turn off after one goes inside.

Soft ambient lighting that doesn’t serve as much to illuminate is also a real winner for creating a mood in your garden. Think about two things: functionality and atmosphere.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Space

That’s about it from us. We hope that you can take away some of these outdoor design ideas for small outdoor space. Remember to match the interior with the exterior to create a sense of style. Best of luck and enjoy your time outdoors!

Have you enjoyed our article? Got any comments? We’d love to hear more — please send them to us below.

Author Bio:

Anthony Hibbs graduated from Birkbeck University with a degree in mathematics, yet his love for maths could never trump his passion for the outdoors. Applegate then went on to found his series of travel tours before going on to work for a gardening company. He is now semi-retired and enjoys writing articles about gardening for various publications and blogs such as homemakerguide.com.

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