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Lull Mattress: 10 Reason Why You Need to Buy a One

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These day’s people often forget to take care of their most valuable wealth gifted by God. This wealth is none other than their health. You must have heard several times in your life that your health is the real wealth. But, how many of you really take care of yourself as you do for your family or loved ones? I won’t be surprised by the numbers because I know very few people do so.

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There are four essential wants of your body to stay healthy throughout your life. They are food, water, air, and sleep. Do you know what the best part is? You can control all of these. I am absolutely sure that you can manage to sustain your life in its best possible version. And, to do it all you need is a strong willpower to improve your current situation.

Eat healthily, drink healthy, breathe deeply and sleep well. These four should be your mantra to stay fit and healthy throughout your life. Eating, drinking, and breathing is something that entirely on you, but sleep is often disturbed by external factors as well. So, what are these external factors? Well, they are a mattress and sleeping environment.

A mattress is an extremely important factor in contributing to sound sleep. Therefore, there are plenty of mattress options available in the market. It has become a daunting task to choose the best one from the various mattress choices. However, if you have done your research work well before hitting the market, you will definitely pick the apt one for you.

Here in this article, you will be learning about the Lull Mattress. This is one of the best mattresses available in the market. You must have seen many Lull Mattress buying guide available on the internet. But here you will find ten valid reasons to purchase the Lull mattress.

What Is Lull Mattress?

The Lull is the American company that manufactures mattress meeting the high US standards. The Lull mattress is popular for its utmost comfort and durability. The lull is one of kind mattress company that uses three layers of foam to produce its mattress.

Each of its layers is different and has the specific quality to enhance the sleeping experiences. Lull mattresses come in six major sizes. Also, it has affordable prices that it fits in everyone’s budget.

Features that make Lull mattress highly recommending are as below:

Lull is advanced Technology Mattress

Lull mattress is made using special therapeutic foam which is great to provide even support to any shape or size body. The advanced technique of using three layers foam is an exceptional feature of the lull mattress. It three layers are:

  • The base layer is 7 inches height supporting foam made of polyurethane material. This layer is the strong foundation of the lull mattress which provides support to the above two layers.
  • The middle layer is memory foam of 1.5 inches height. This layer acts as a transitional layer and provides the proper support to the body. It also makes sure that the spine alignment is correct while sleeping hence it is good for all type of sleepers. The memory foam ensures that the mattress retains its shape back no matter what amount of pressure it has experienced.
  • The top layer of a mattress is the gel infused viscoelastic memory foam layer that ensures heat control. This is one of the premium features of this mattress allowing the mattress to stay cool through the night even if you live in Florida.

Lull Mattresses are Environment Friendly

Isn’t it great to have a mattress that is the environment and skin friendly both? Definitely, it is. The Lull mattress is certified from CertiPUR-US®.

There is no off-gassing problem with this mattress.  In fact, the packaging of this mattress is done in boxes that size of a mini-fridge. Hence package volume is reduced leaving no carbon footprints behind. So, by choosing lull, you are making a green choice.


Easy Loading and Unpacking

One of a major headache while buying a new mattress is its shipping cost. The handling and setting of the mattress are the most hectic part while buying a new mattress. Lull understands your problem and delivers an easy solution to this.

All the lull mattress comes in a mini fridge size box which makes it easy to load on cars. Besides the packing of the mattress is done so well that it hardly consumes any time to set it to the bed. Just open the box, remove the wrap settling it on the bed frame and its done!

Sleep Stress for The Next 10 Years

You must have heard of five years or seven years of warranty on many products, but have you ever heard of 10 years warranty period? Lull Mattresses Company offers 10 years of guaranty on all the mattress. If you feel the mattress is sagging or losing its firmness within this period?

Make a call to Lull customer support to get it replaced with a new one. A mattress is a long-term investment and lull understands this very well. Therefore, they take care of their customers before and after the purchase.

Try it for 100 Nights

It’s puzzling to decide on the comfort of the mattress by using it for one or two days. Generally, any health benefits or drawbacks are observed only after the constant use of the mattress for at least a month. The lull is very well known to this fact; therefore, it offers 100-night sleep trial period on all of its mattresses.

Pressure Relief Mattress

Due to gravity, you exert pressure on everything you sleep or sit on at any time of the day. The longer you sleep the more pressure is applied. Because of this constant pressure, you experience pain in your body parts like back and joints.

Therefore, you need a mattress that can ease this pressure build-up within the body. Lull mattress does exactly that for you. The first layer of therapeutic foam releases the pressure and allows you to sleep without the health concern.

The Right Amount of Firmness

You may be aware of the importance of the right firmness while picking a right mattress for you. Your sleep quality depends on the firmness of the mattress. Lull mattress is rated as the best mattress among all for its perfect firmness. It has the exactly right firmness to maintain your body shape and spine alignment. The memory foam used in the middle layer take care of the firmness and maintains the balance between softness and firmness hence this mattress is suitable for any age group people.

Motion Transfer

Motion isolation is one of most required quality of mattress when you have a partner to sleep with you. This feature doesn’t allow any motion from your bedside to get transferred to the other side of the bed. Hence no matter how many tosses or turns you do your partner will still be sleeping without any disturbance. This is great for couples.


Most people are often worried about the durability of the mattress before making their decision. In a way, it is pretty obvious as the mattress is quite an investment. Lull mattress is definitely a great choice when it comes to durability. Its 7 inches base foam provides enough support against any wear or tear. Also, the company provides 10 years of warranty on its product which makes it easier to select the right mattress.


Lull Mattress Comes with a Premium Cover

Maintaining a mattress becomes easier with the lull high quality mattress cover. This handcrafted cover provides feasibility and added comfort while sleeping on the lull mattress. This cover is fire resistant and washable. So, there is no staining worry with the lull mattress. Also, the cover upgrades the entire mattress look into the most stylish mattress in the market.


A mattress can do wonder to your health and eventually improve your sleep quality. It does not matter how many hours of sleep you get if you don’t feel full of energy once you wake up. So, make the suitable changes in your routine life to improve your health.

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