10 must have WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Marketers

You always need to know the plugins related to your own line of blogging as the plugins make your life easier.

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You do not need to add hundreds of WordPress plugins to get the best out of your blog. You rather need few of them to add the exact functionality that your niche, your very own blog needs.

These are 10 really useful WordPress plugins for affiliate marketers. 10 WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Marketers

1. 404 to Start

Essentially what this plugin is going to do is that it will redirect all the broken links on your website to the home page. Traditionally, people like to create a 404 page.

I have seen that when a user lands on a 404 page, he closes the window. What you should do is that you should land them to the home page of your website if the link they followed is broken.

This way you have a better chance to retain the user. This plugin automatically does this job for you, It is active once you activate the plugin.

2. Eggplant 301 Redirects

As an affiliate marketer, you need to have affiliate links on your website. The problem with the traditional affiliate links is that these links are very complicated with question marks, equal signs, digits, affiliate id and what not.

When users see such long complicated links they might not click on them. What Eggplant 301 redirects does for you is that it allows you to add your own custom links and redirect them to the affiliate link.

This is a better way of doing it instead of using URL-Shorteners because then you are on the mercy of those websites.

3. Auto Nofollow Links

Your affiliate website has hundreds of external links and if you add those links as ?dofollow? then you will definitely leak your website?s organic page rank to all those websites which will badly damage your SEO.

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This plugin allows you to avoid this from happening by automatically adding ? rel=?nofollow? ? to all the external links on your website.

4. Foo Bar

It allows you to have nice little notification bar on top or bottom of your website. You can display anything, important information, email opt-in box, social media links or special offers.

It also allows the user to display or hide it and remembers for the users who hide it for the next visit so they are not annoyed by that bar if they have already seen it. This plugin costs $16 at Codecanyon but it is pretty much worth the money.

5. Google Analyticator

This plugin is obvious but a very important one.

Allows you to easily add Google Analytics code to your website and display the in-depth website analytics right inside your WordPress dashboard.

It is a very handy tool to get all the insights of your website right there when you log into your website.

If you are using a shared web hosting plan then you should avoid using this plugin. But if you are using a dedicated fast web hosting plan then this plugin is highly recommended.

6. Lead Octopus

We traditionally use email marketing to make a list but what if you could ask them to sign in with their Facebook account and you get access to their Facebook notifications.

This way, instead of sending them an email when you want to send them any piece of information you can just send them a Facebook notification.

This is a really powerful and useful WordPress plugin because Facebook notifications have 99.9% chance to be opened by the user. You can never get that rate of response from emails, not even close.

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7. Ninja Popups

This plugin allows you to have very nice looking popups on your website. These popups can be on entry, exit, click or delay.

You can display a message, Special offer, Opt-in form or Social Media share buttons. It comes with several professionally designed pre-built templates that you can use.

It is $20 on Codecanyon, I tried to find a free alternative for this one but no free plugin comes even close to the functionality this plugin offers.

8. Social Locker

This plugin is not for everyone but very useful for many affiliate marketers who know where to use it.

It allows you to lock a piece of content on your web page and the only way for your visitors to access that piece of information is by following you on social media.

You can lock a video for example that they can unlock by sharing your post or liking and following you on social media.

This is a very powerful WordPress plugin to make a post or page viral on social media depending on the content that you have locked. But again this plugin is not recommended to everyone.

9. WP Auto Affiliate Links

This plugin automatically converts certain keywords on your website to affiliate links.

You can integrate it with Clickbank, Amazon or CJ and every time you write a word that you have added as a product keyword it is automatically going to link that keyword to the product.

For example, If you are reviewing a DSLR camera and you want to automatically link out to a Canon DSLR camera, it will automatically add that link every time you use the word Canon. It?s really good if you don?t want to do it manually or don?t have time to do it manually.

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10. Adsanity

Adsanity is an ads management plugin that allows you to take control of the ads on your website.

It adds incredible ad rotating feature to your affiliate marketing WordPress website. You can create and manage every single ad that you display on your website and regularly see detailed statistics on how a specific ad is performing.

You can also add an expiry date to your ads so you can display an offer for as long as it is valid and the ad will disappear automatically once the offer has expired. You can also manage different ad groups in a similar way.

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