10 Most Beautiful Lakes in the World

Lakes are one of the most gorgeous creations of nature and are typically found in mountainous areas of the globe. Over the years, lakes all over the globe have happened to be a well-liked tourist resort.

Canada is blessed with a large number of natural beautiful lakes which rule lakes all over the globe in terms of natural attractiveness. United States, New Zealand as well as Austria also have a number of extremely beautiful lakes that catch the attention of tourists in huge numbers.

Depending on the natural magnificence, beauty, climate and neighboring areas, below are a list of 10 most beautiful lakes in the globe. Nature and its beauty have for all time attracted mankind.

The unbelievable beautiful landscape bounded over the Lakes beautifies them more than ever. The natural beauty of these lakes not merely soothes the eyes however as well put your heart and soul at comfort and stillness.

One should visit one of the top 10 most beautiful Lakes in the globe once in the lifetime to experience the fresh and clean still water which means the beauty of God. Lakes can never be described in words, they have to be experienced.

On the other hand, here we have tried to give you short information regarding the beauty of Lakes. Have a look at Top 10 Most Beautiful Lakes In The World.

10. Lake Garda – Italy

Lake Garda

The most enticing and visited place by tourist in Italy is known as Lake Garda which is one of the top ten most attractive Lakes in the globe. It is the largest lake in Italy.

You’ll discover a host of elite resorts as well as terra cotta-roofed villas all along the southern coast. To the fine north, you’ll still observe more enduring architecture; merely these sights are backed by Monte Baldo.

9. Dal Lake – Kashmir

Dal Lake


Dal Lake is the most stunning destination in India. It is situated in Srinagar, Kashmir and known as “Jewel in the crown of Kashmir” or you may say “Srinagar’s jewel”.

The Lake is 15.5 km long and it has gorgeous floating gardens along. These gardens are recognized as ‘Rad’ in Kashmir and they create lotus in summers seasons which beautify the entire lake all over again.

Tourist can take pleasure in boating in attractive boat house with the charming Mughal era gardens as well as hotels bounded by the lake.

8. Lake Bled – Slovenia

The Lake that is named after the castle Bled in addition to it beautifies itself by the wonderful beautiful castle positioning on a rock overlooking this stunning Lake.

Being in the top ten most stunning Lakes in the world, the Lake is known as one of the most attractive destinations for newlywed couples as well as lovers in Slovenia. There is even an isle in the western part of the lake, which makes it even more attractive and appealing!

Visiting the Lake will be the most unforgettable as well as cherishing experience for you that you might have never gone through.

7. Lake Titicaca – (Bolivia/Peru)

Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca is known as the largest Lake in South America and it comes among one of the top 10 most beautiful Lakes on the earth.

It is the strangest lakes because it connects by means of the civilization of Incan. The stories as well as lot of myths make it more appealing and exciting for visitors to visit this place once in lifetime.

The lake is bounded by the beautiful Andes and consists of 2 basins. The water of the lake is pretty cold, although it is the highest commercial negotiable lake in the world.


6. Lake Geneva – Switzerland And France

Lake Geneva

The semi-circular shape Lake which is separated between 2 nations Switzerland as well as France is the biggest tourist lure and attraction in the Western Europe.

The Switzerland has overdone over the utmost area of lake which is about 60% and is hence responsible for the identification of the Lake. On the other face France has named bottled water brand known as Evian from it.

Tourist gets marvelous feeling with the beauty of Lake as well as ultimate and wonderful experience of Yacht racing.

5. Plitvice Lakes – Croatia

Plitvice Lakes

If sky feels pleasure in showing rainbow with 7 beautiful different colors, earth as well has Plitvice Lakes with different colors ranging from blue or grey to azure to green.

The beautiful site with sixteen cascading rivers makes it the most appealing, dreamy and beautiful place in the world.

The site is a national park and a lot of tourists coming to glimpse this beautiful view of green and blue lacke and the number of tourists are currently rising.

4. Taal Lake – Philippines

Taal Lake is one of the hazardous Lakes in the globe with the wonderful and beautiful volcano isle in the Lake. This lake is known as the deepest Lake in Philippines with a deepness of approximately 564 feet.

The lake itself was shaped at what time a larger volcanic hollow here collapsed; currently seismologists use up a lot of time checking this place for tremors, and sending out recurrent eruption warnings all the way through the country’s Department of Tourism.


Despite of the terror, this Lake catch the attention of lot of tourist every year and offers people to have horse riding, boating etc. activities. You can simply enjoy the site while exploring the beauty of the lake.

3. Lake Malawi – Malawi

The Lake which has a lot of names such as Lake Nyasa and “Lake of stars” which is provided by the lovers who trip their and discover it one of the dreamy and romantic destination in Eastern Africa.

It is situated between Malawi, Mozambique as well as Tanzania. In addition it is the 3rd largest lake in Africa. It has so many things to offer such as numerous opportunities for water sports as well as diving.

The lake is enormously rich with diverse fish species and is one of the most appealing lakes that offer unforgettable underwater views!

2. Peyto Lake – Canada

Peyto-lake was named following the person who was a tour guide here.

Peyto Lake is close by Alberta’s National park and jointly they both have a superb charming view, which is well liked by travelers all over the globe. The lake gets dirt free water from Peyto Glacier. It as well gets “rock flour” from the river that waters the lake.

Said flour floats in the lake, reflecting the glow and causing a shade so glittering and here your digital images will appear just like they’ve already been Photo shopped.

1. Crater Lake – United States

Crater Lake is surprise places, which will leave you in, shock that how a volcano eruption is able to reek out such stunning intense azure blue water. The magnificence and beauty of blue water was not enough at all unless we can view up the creativity that bordered the lake with green scenery.

Crater is known as the deepest lake in the United States, its waters downhill an estimated 655 meters into the chart. The lake has roughly no signs of contamination. It is one of the famous and popular tourist destinations in United States for all times.

All natural beauties that include forests, oceans, mountains, and beautiful landscapes, and lakes are no doubt more appealing tourist location than any other. Every year thousands of tourists and people plan to spend their vacations and take trip to the countries where nature has blessed beauty in shape of stunning lakes.


If you have planned to visit some far-away place this summer season for spending comfortable time at the most stunning lakes in the globe, then do not overlook the name of the above mentioned top ten most beautiful lakes of the world.

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