10 Benefits of Corn Silk

Corn Silk

Corn is one of the most nutritious foods on planet. I remember planting my first grains of corn as a child and how I enjoyed pulling off the corn silk (without knowledge of corn silk health benefits) so I could touch the seeds from my first harvest.

Corn silk is one of the most underrated part of the corn cob. Most people see this part of the plant as completely useless thus they toss it into the trash can with the green layer of covering.

What exactly is corn silk and what benefits are there to enjoy? as you read this article further you will be exposed to the different corn silk heath benefits.

What is corn silk and why should I use it?

corn silk tea

Every ear of corn is divided into four layers; the outer layer which is the green covering, the layer of golden silky strings (the corn silk), the grains or seeds, and a stalk in the middle.

The stringy substance that covers the edible part of the maize is the corn silk. Most people believe this layer of silk is nothing but a protective one that holds no nutritional value thus it shouldn’t be consumed or stored for other purposes.

Corn silk contains vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin K, calcium, potassium, and lots more. Your corn silk can be stored dry or wet and still give you all the and goodness you deserve. Below are 10 of the most amazing health benefits of corn silk;

1. Corn silk is an amazing diuretic agent

People have always sought diuretic agents for some health concerns and corn silk tea has been discovered to be one of the most potent natural ones.

With corn silk tea, waste and excess water will be easily flushed out of your system, thereby solving or reducing problems related to water retention.

Studies have shown that the use of diuretics help to combat a large number of health problems like kidney disease, congestive heart failure, and many more.

2. Corn silk helps with the treatment of UTI

Urinary tract infections are common health problems that people deal with, and one of the easiest way to reduce inflammation when battling a UTI is through the use of corn silk.

What corn silk does is to coat the urinary tract lining and help prevent further irritation. With the consumption of corn silk tea, the inflamed bladder and urinary tract will be soothed easily.

Corn silk tea helps you urinate more which will prevent the buildup of bacteria in your urinary tract. You can also use it to soothe an irritated prostate gland.

3. Corn silk keeps kidney stones at bay

Kidney stones are one very painful and annoying health concern that have proven to be stubborn when treated with some natural methods. These crystallized bits of deposits have been prevented from occurring for ages using corn silk tea.

Like I mentioned earlier, the usage of corn silk can help you urinate more and that will decrease or prevent the occurrence of sediment formation which can lead to kidney stones.

However, it is not a treatment for already existing kidney stones so do not attempt using or prescribing it as kidney stone treatment to anyone.

4. Facilitates blood clotting

Corn silk contains vitamin K and this vitamin is one that facilitates the blood clotting process. In the event of an injury, this will ensure that you do not suffer excessive blood loss.

5. Corn silk tea helps to lower blood pressure

One of the most common problems with people between the ages of 40 and older is hypertension or high blood pressure. Different medications are marketed to help combat this problem but not all of them can be trusted.

If you are one of the people who would rather opt for a natural alternative than fill your blood stream with medicine, then you must try corn silk.

This natural alternative will help people dealing with high blood pressure avoid the adverse effect that is associated with taking OTC blood pressure meds.

6. Helps to reduce blood sugar levels

Some studies conducted in recent times has shown that corn silk tea can help people dealing with blood sugar level problems.

The international journal of biological macromolecules published an article in 2012 that showed the impact that corn silk tea may have on patients with diabetes.

The study subjects were lab rats inflicted with diabetes and the researcher discovered that when the rats were fed with corn silk polysaccharides those that had high blood sugar levels experienced a reduction.

High blood sugar has been discovered to have links with several health problems like diabetes, kidney problems and even stroke. Another study that was carried out in 2009 revealed that corn silk tea helps the human body to produce insulin

7. Corn silk tea helps to heal inflammatory conditions and ailment

one major reason why corn silk is healthy is because of its anti-inflammatory properties people who are strong believers of traditional medicine and herbal cure have used corn silk in the treatment of different inflammatory conditions and ailments.

Pain from problems like gout and arthritis can be greatly reduced by the consumption of corn silk tea. Because corn silk tea has a diuretic effect, it prevents the formation of excess uric acid in the joints of the body which leads gout pain.

However, I must point out that you must not take corn silk tea as treatment for arthritis related conditions.

8. Corn silk tea helps fight cholesterol

Excess cholesterol in the bloodstream leads to several serious ailments like cardiac problems in the long run.

If you must stay healthy and avoid health hazards, then you need to keep the cholesterol level in your bloodstream at the minimum. one of the studies carried out in a Chinese University revealed that corn silk helps to reduce cholesterol levels in rats.

9. Corn silk is an amazing source of vitamin C

Vitamin C is a very important vitamin especially because it helps to boost immunity. Corn silk has been discovered to have this vitamin in abundance and a cup of corn silk tea should provide you with your recommended daily intake of this vitamin.

10. Helps combat obesity

Obesity is one of the most disturbing condition plaguing the world’s population today. More than half the population of the United States of America is obese because of their lifestyle and in a few cases, genetics.

While there are several causes for obesity, one primary cause is water retention and accumulation of toxins in the patient’s body.

Corn silk tea helps you to urinate and eliminate toxins in the process, which means that people dealing with obesity can find drinking this tea helpful. This is not to say that it is a cure for obesity, but it is a healthy way to shed unhealthy water weight.

You can also use corn silk topically to battle conditions like boils and rashes as well as to relieve pains from sores and injuries.

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