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10 Elegant Wedding Hairstyles for Dark Skinned Women

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During the wedding seasons, hairstyles should be fashionable, stylish and breath-taking. It applies to everyone at the wedding be it the bride, the bride’s maids, and even the guests. Below are the top ten hairstyles celebrities put on to be a source of inspiration.

1. Double Hair Mountains with Headband

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Double Hair Mountains with HeadbandThis hairstyle is suitable for brides with super-short hair, and Lupita Nyongo wore it with double air mountains that were edgy.

Recreating this bold style requires shaving the top section of your hair all through to your crown and after successfully doing this, use a curl defining mousse which adds volume at your head’s back section. Finally, add a refined headband to top off the elegant hairstyle.

2. Half Updo

Half UpdoDuring the Carolina Herrera Show, this style was worn by one of the models showcasing her half-up-half-down hairstyle with a newly handpicked flower.

Duplicating this style requires you to start by spraying your hair with a sea-salt spray followed by squeezing your hair from its roots to ends whereas blow-drying on a medium heat setting.

Follow this up by pulling your front section back and wrap it around clinching it with a pin, bundling in the flowers and pins as the last step bringing out a simple yet sophisticated look.

3. Sleek Bun

Sleek BunTo create this look, start by creating a center part following that up with the application of hairspray to add weight and texture to the hair.

Follow this up by using a paddle brush to smoothen the hair and using an elastic in a pony, secure it. You should add little amount of shine serum to the ponytail and lastly rolling your hair into a bun and secure it with pins.

Actress Paula Patton’s center part would be excellent for brides who wish to bring instant sophistication to a sleek bun.

4. Beehive with Headband

Beehive with HeadbandKerry Washington elegantly brings out this style be it with short, long, black or brown hair and with a refined beehive headband. Recreation of this elegant look requires a strong hairspray, loads of volumizing products and a simple headband.


5. Sleek Low Bun with Birdcage Veil

Sleek Low Bun with Birdcage VeilFor the profoundly style-conscious bride, this style is perfect, and Beyoncé’s classic and stunning sleek low bun is proof. To recreate this look, start off by soaking your locks with a robust hold hairspray and pulling back your hair and form a ponytail.

Once done, create a sleek burn by rolling the pony and complete this look by adorning a black birdcage veil, neutral eye and bronze makeup and a combination of red and brown lips.

6. Loose Chignon

Loose ChignonActress Zoe Saldana who stars in the Guardians of the Galaxy brings out this style naturally with her classic, low knotted chignon. Black tresses have been freely inserted and rolled at her neck’s nape forming a stylish hairstyle.

Addition of embellished hair accessory is a great way to make this hairstyle more fashionable for the wedding if you feel it is too simple.

7. Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs

Pixie with Side-Swept BangsIf you are planning to do an outdoor wedding, this hairstyle would be the best way to go. Actress Halle Berry wears this style that shows a pixie with fine, side-swept bangs inclosing her beautiful face.

The hairstyle has lots of layers with the graduated lowlights and highlights making the pixie only look more exciting.

8. Voluminous Curls

Voluminous CurlsThis hairstyle works well if you have thick hair, short-length voluminous curls and singer Solange Knowles’s hair works well with this hairstyle with her naturally wavy hair. This style suits a confident and fashionable bride and using curly iron and loads of hairspray giving your hair extra energy.

9. Messy Milkmaid Braid

Messy Milkmaid BraidRecreating this hairstyle which actress Jessica Mauboy looks perfect in requires equally separation of the hair at the back and braiding each of those sections separately.

After completing the braiding, pull your hair across your crown securing them to form a halo. Finally, spritz a decent amount of shine spray once done with the braiding, wrapping, and pinning.

10. Sleek Ponytail with Side Swept Bangs

Sleek Ponytail with Side Swept BangsDuring the Malan Breton Bridal Spring/Summer Fashion Show, models at the event rocked this look. Attaining this look requires the application of heat protectant and a flat iron to give your hair a sleek and smooth look. Leave your side-swept bangs and on your hair’s top section, tease your hair finely.


Upon doing this, converge your hair towards the crown securing it with a bobby pin, before finally applying a shine serum to achieve a simple yet brilliant wedding hairstyle.

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