10 Elderly Home Care Tips to Know


Without a doubt, we owe our elders a lifetime of love and care for all the hard work they’ve put in caring for us. However, caring for your elders isn’t an easy task.

After all, it can be both physically and financially straining. Sometimes, having our elders live with us is the only or preferred option. Here are some essential home care tips to know if you’re providing your loved one with in-home care.

Upgrade Your Home

Making sure your home is elder-friendly is essential for your loved one’s convenience and safety. This includes removing obstacles in the house such as furniture, tucking wires and cables away and well-placed nightlights. Be mindful of fixtures being wheelchair accessible as well, such as light switches and objects on high places.

Make Sure They’re Safe

On top of convenience, making your home elder-friendly also means making it a safe environment to live. It’s vital that you install things to make the house more accessible.

For instance, install grab bars near the shower and toilet, anti-scald devices for showers and faucets, non-skid mats, strips, or pads in the bathroom and more.

Make sure your home is safe by removing any rugs and reducing the need to climb any stairs. This will prevent your elders from falling. Fall prevention is crucial and can have a devastating impact on the elderly if not managed well.

Get Some Support

You don’t have to tackle this issue on your own. Getting some friends and family members to help out can be extremely helpful. Calling on trusted people to help contribute in taking care of your loved ones is never a bad idea. However, they can’t always be accountable. It isn’t a good idea to solely rely on them. This leads us to the next point.

Hire a Good Professional

Being able to take good care of your elders while also maintaining your daily life responsibilities can be challenging to manage. That’s why professional caregivers exist, as they relieve a lot of the caring duties when you’re away.

However, it’s imperative that you do thorough research when choosing your caretakers. It’s not uncommon for people to mistakenly hire overpriced and untrained caretakers who take advantage of the elderly.

Luckily, some services do this kind of research for you, such as SuperCarers. They’ll find agencies personalised to your needs, which makes the whole process less of a hassle.


Make Sure They Exercise and Eat Healthily

It’s a no-brainer that health and diet contribute to long-term well-being and happiness. This is the case throughout our entire lives, including in old age. Seniors don’t need much exercise, and even simple daily walks can work wonders.

Simple meditation stretches and doing daily walking exercises will do the trick. Seniors also don’t eat that much, which means that what they do eat is very important. The food they eat should be high in nutrition while also still being easy to chew and digest.


If your loved one is suffering from any diseases, it never hurts to do some research on their symptoms and medication beforehand. Be sure to know what to expect and the needs the person suffering from the disease requires.

Make sure your elders don’t mix up any medications. You can help out by labelling the cabinets and drawers where the medications are placed. Be involved in any doctor appointments and checkups as well. This is so you know the situation and can ask any detailed questions.

Bring any important information such as medical history and current medications.

Be Wary of Scams

Old people tend not to be aware of ongoing scams in the community. This can leave them vulnerable to phone and internet scam artists. Keep track of their credit card usage and bills to make sure there isn’t any suspicious activity.

Also, make sure they don’t rush into any risky financial investments. This can lead to a large loss of money fast.

Don’t Make Money a Problem

Financing when it comes to caretaking can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s important to take some preliminary action and complete all the necessary paperwork.

This can include a power of attorney, or making sure a will is written in the hands of somebody trustworthy. Also, be sure to take advantage of what your government provides. Multiple health care services offer low-cost, if not free, checkups.

Socialization is Key

Make sure your loved ones get enough time socialising with not just yourself, but with others too.


Have them sign up for voluntary programs that involve teaching people valuable skills and interacting with multiple people. A sense of purpose is still essential, regardless of age.

Interacting with people their age is also crucial. They can do this by joining other clubs or taking hobby courses. In the famous words of Bob Ross, everyone needs a friend.

Be There for Them

Naturally, their physical needs need to be cared for, but so do their emotional and psychological needs. This doesn’t always have to be difficult. Quality time and giving them a sense of purpose is all it takes to address these needs. Show lots of love and affection and remind them they matter to you.


Taking care of the elderly can be a difficult task. With these tips, you might be better prepared. It’s possible for ageing to be a more straightforward transition for the ones you love.

Editorial Staffs at Healthtian, A team of Writers.